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Recreate USB BootLoader


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Hi Folks,


Apologies for my Noob questions (I'm not very techincal, so probably out of my depth in most of the forums).


I have an N54L with Xpenology installed for 4+ years mainly using Plex and it worked beautifully, until I recently bent the USB Bootloader so the NAS no longer works :(


I've had a look around the forums and on google, but I'm either a complete dullard (possible) or I'm overthinking things.....


How do I recreate the bootloader without losing the contents of the NAS?


I still have the original files I used to perform the install, however I don't recall whether I performed any DSM version updates. The original files are:


  • gnoboot-alpha10.5
  • DSM_DS3612xs_4458.pat


I tried to work out which version I was on, but I was unable to locate the version file or the system files using -


I did find the following, but still wasn't sure whether it was what I needed -



I can't be the only person that's encountered this problem, but I guess most Xpenology users are of a decent level of technical knowledge.


Appreciate any assistance.



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the bootloader .so is easy u can download it again  from any  website ....
however you have 2 options:
1-if you have the PID-VID  of ur usb,the Serial number of your existing synology and the macaddress ..... it s easy u can adjust the file and it should work perfectly ......
(Assuming the loader u downloader match the DSM Version  on your Synology nas) 
If the Bootloader usb  doesn t match  u can siply get a new HDD and install a new Synology and use the same DSM version  so  ur usb  stick would have updated and changed the file in it ... and then u can get rid of that new HDD and  put back ur old Synology and load it as if nothing happens ......

2-If you don t have the serial number and the mac adress u need to  still do  step 1 first and  get the same version of your old synology nas and now u will install  a new synology when it prompts u u simply tell it to Merge  with old synology ... ur files won t be deleted but most likely u will  have a new Synology System  

3- the worst case if u don t have anything and u don t know anything about ur old synology all u have to do is go to this :

and check what  is the highest possible DSM you can install and install a new Synology on your drives and do the  same as u did in step 2 by MERGING  option which will appear to u ... and u will NOT  lose your volumes 

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