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First build hardware compatibility query


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Hi all!

Just wondering if these parts would be compatible with DSM 6.2 DS918+ configuration? I searched for the motherboard on the forum but returned no results.


Motherboard - Asus B150M-A https://www.asus.com/au/Motherboards/B150M-A/
CPU - INTEL® CORE™ i5-6500

My intention is to install this into a Fractal 804 case for use as a Plex server with Sonarr and Radarr also.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi, based on the specs of your mb of choice, it use RTL8111H for the network, 

and a quick search of the forum indicates that the nic will be working with the combo of Jun's 1.04b and DS918+


I found users with DSM 6.1 using the B150 chipset, not sure how it works with 6.2.x, you might do some closer search.


Your CPU has an average Passmark of 7243, this page might give you an idea of how well it will be handling software transcoding (if needed), as HW transcoding might be a problem.

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Thanks for the reply bearcat, I will look further into the B150 chipset and 6.2.x compatibility.


With regards to transcoding, I believe software transcoding is sufficient for my current use scenario. I use an nvidia shield with kodi as my 4k client locally and only share my 1080p movie library with 1 other person. 


Out of interest, if hardware transcoding becomes needed in the future, what would be the best hardware combination to enable this? 


Thanks again! 

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