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OpenVPN Connected but no Network



I Recently installed XPEnology succesfully it's Version 6.1.7 with extra.lzma drivers because of my network card


So i tried to connect the system to my VPN-Server it gets an ip and says it is connected

But the problem is the Synology can't ping or access any of the other connected devices and the devices cant ping or access the synology (normaly this is possible on my VPN Setup)

Also the Synology can't access the internet when VPN is the Standard-Gateway


I Don't know what configs are relevant for this but i attached the netstat,

The upper one is with VPN enabled, The blue lines is the IP of my VPN-Server 

Docker is installed but not used so far 


Has Anyone an idea for this ? 😕


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In the client config you can change the following to redirect the default network gateway, but I'm not sure what  is your problem exactly.



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What kind of vpn-server and software? Linux? Internet through nat? 

Show iptables -t nat - vnL from vpn server.

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