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Only one NIC card works, connection failed. Please help!


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So I successfully have installed 6.1. I am having a major networking problem though trying to get my nic cards to work. I have 2 ports built into the motherboard that I believe are intel e1000s 1gb. I also have a solar flare 5 series 2 port 10gb SFP+ card. When I do a fresh install and load up Synology Assistant I see the intel nic with a address. Everything is fine and I can connect, but as soon as I install the 10gbe card and boot up, change to static IP and reboot in Synology Assistant the IP changes to a real IP (189.457.154.124 for example) and Synology Assistant says "connection failed" from that mac address it drops the e1000 built nic for the solar flare and Synology Assistant says "ready" from the 10gb mac address on the solar flare. I can connect fine through the 10gbe, but no luck on the 1gb connection. I have been ripping my hair out trying to figure out why this would be. Any help or suggestions would be awesome! Thanks so much!


Onboard intel e1000 nic (LAN 1)

Solar Flare 10gb nic (LAN 3)

PS. I have tried putting them both on the same gateway, that doesn't work either.





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