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  1. So I successfully have installed 6.1. I am having a major networking problem though trying to get my nic cards to work. I have 2 ports built into the motherboard that I believe are intel e1000s 1gb. I also have a solar flare 5 series 2 port 10gb SFP+ card. When I do a fresh install and load up Synology Assistant I see the intel nic with a address. Everything is fine and I can connect, but as soon as I install the 10gbe card and boot up, change to static IP and reboot in Synology Assistant the IP changes to a real IP (189.457.154.124 for example) and Synology Assistant says "connect
  2. Ok, I just returned my NVME for 2x 1tb SSDs for the cache, problem solved! So far this SHI%$ it awesome! So much easier to use than FreeNAS!
  3. Any suggestions on getting my Samsung NVME cache drive working (its the last thing till I have a rockin system!)? It's not even displayed in the hardware panel. How do we get Xpenology to see the new PCI-e 3.0 NVME drives? Thanks
  4. Ok, so I remade the install USB (couldn't edit the original.... any way to edit the .iso after its burned? I added the mac addresses of the ports on the 10GBe card and worked great. I tried the jun driver update 4.8 by replacing the extra.lma file and after that I had no internet connection. Switched back to old extra.lma and worked right away.
  5. OK WORKING! So I had to remove and replace one of the drives and wipe again (bad sectors), now everything works! Although I can't seem to get the 10gb share working, as you can see in the screenshots the Solarflare NIC card is being detected yay, I just don't know how to connect to it. I tried \\\Shared Folder and no luck. Any suggestions? I am I missing something? Also, DSM is not detecting my nvme Samsung drive I want to use as cache. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. So I completely wiped the USB and drives using diskpart including any leftover partitions. I added the SN# and mac addresses of the 2 onboard Intel e1000 NIC cards, and added VID/PID and installed and VOLLA! success! After I setup DSM though and I restarted it says "can not find the server" no luck any suggestions? This has to be stable before I put it into production.
  7. Yes, I changed my BIOS to legacy mode. I am going to try to reset my router and see if that fixes it. I will report back thank you for the helpful suggestions.
  8. Ok, I tried your exact instructions by only adding VID/PID and using 6.1 loader. When I open findsynology in my browser it won't even find an available NAS on the network. Which using 6.2 I was always able to find the NAS on the network. Any thoughts? As I said if someone could help give me some personal support I would gladly pay for their time. I spent a lot of money on this new server Thanks!
  9. I actually have no USB devices in the server except the USB I am trying to install on. Should I try 6.1? Maybe another USB?
  10. I did all that, here is a screenshot of my whole grub file.
  11. I tried to install. I did a clean install and it says "failed to install the file" the file is probably corrupted. (13) I did use a SN# for the 916+, not the 918+ since I couldn't find a sn# generator for 918+. It worked before though and I got past this point. Also, I am in Legacy boot mode. Any suggestions?
  12. Ok, thank you for the clarification. I am going to try this now. I will keep you posted.
  13. Thank you for this, but I guess I am having a hard time understanding how this all works. The extra.lzma file has the drivers in it? Do I copy that somewhere on the image? If so which .pat file do I use or does it matter? If you can make a video explaining these things or can help me get this working I would gladly pay you for your time. Thank you!