DSM updated despite disable automatic updates

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Hope this is the right place to post this, read as much as I could on the forum but couldn't find an answer to this issue.


Few weeks ago I've successfully installed for a friend DSM 6.2 - DSM_DS3617xs_23739.pat on a HP Microserver Gen8 using Jun's Loader 1.03b , following Polanskiman's instructions in 


I did disable automatic updates during system configuration.


Two days ago my friend said he saw a notification in the web UI that the system would be rebooted later that night to update something, he didn't realize what that was about so didn't shout or do anything. Apparently the system did reboot later and the damage was done, it's now unreachable in the LAN although the grub menu appears on connected monitor but the boot process obviously hangs at some point.


1. What can I do to fix it (installed on DataTraveler 8GB plugged into internal USB 2.0 slot) without reinstalling from scratch?

2. Why/how would DSM automatic update setting change by itself?






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Ok so I checked the contents of the boot USB drive . It has 3 partitions: 



I noticed size differences on the files with same names in the original image used for the installation that I now mounted again with OSFMount compared to the current files on the boot USB drive after the upgrade.


left hand side USB boot disk - right hand side mounted install image


15M partition



30M partition



I did a dirty thing replacing all common files on the boot USB drive partitions above with the respective files from the install image partitions, the system showed up in the LAN afterwards, but said it detected the disks were moved to different hardware and asked for reconfiguration. After that it was back to the unusable state, not reachable in LAN.


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@dragosl :

To bad that adding a supported NIC is an option to you, it would save you for some work now, and down the road if it happens again.

As you might expect, you are not alone in getting 1 update too much... 

If you would care to read some here or here, you will see some work that can be done to downgrade.


Since you seem to enjoy to do some "dirty work" (ref. your mention above), I tested a "Quick and Dirty" solution earlier today, by "UnFixing" my "HotFix".

I shut down the system, running with JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3615xs, and removed the extra NIC.

Then I deleted the USB stick, and made a new one, with JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3617xs.


I booted the system with the new image, and when asked for the .PAT, I used a local copy of the DSM_DS3617xs_23739.pat file.

I was greeted with a migration option, and choosed to do a "Reinstall", keeping my Data and deleting/resetting all settings and apps.

Seeing that all this worked out OK, I rebooted and was running 6.2 with no update installed, but I was later given the choice to innstall Update 2.


Now ... to get back to where I one was, I did the same thing once more, but this time with the 3615 :-)

Still, I have an annoying update alert, nagging about Update 2....


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It worked. The apps had to be reinstalled and reconfigured but the data was there and some system settings also preserved.


Tried migration but same outcome - not reachable in LAN as it seems the issue was caused by the latest 6.2.1 update so installed 23739 with reinstall option, updated to 23739 Update 1 and 23739 Update 2 without issues.


Obviously still the annoying update alert about 6.2.1 which originally broke the system.



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