nvme on baremetal xpe

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hallo everyone


i have a baremetal xpe synology 6.2



network : 2x gigla

cpu        : intel i3 7gth

ram       :  8gb

mainboard  :  ASRock H270M-ITX/ac

storage        : 2 x 2tb hdd

1x nvme ssd samsung evo 960


i want to use my nvme ssd but i dont get it in hddutil on dsm

over terminal i got it if i type nvme list


is it possible to mount it


thanks  in advance

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So far Synology only supports NVMe on SSD cache, and DSM only has that capability with DS918 image.  Other images have no support.


Several people (myself included) have attempted to modify DSM to make NVMe supported as a normal disk device.  To my knowledge, the only way this can be done today is using a hypervisor.  Here's some detail on how this was successfully implemented: https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/12391-nvme-optimization-baremetal-to-esxi-report/?tab=comments#comment-88243

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