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problem with iscsi in 3827 version


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hi all


I bought a new material for testing :smile:


- Ds380 nas box silverstone

- Mini -itx motherboard asus h81l -plus ( 2 sata 6gb / 2sata 3gb )

- Intel processor G3220 1150

-1 Dimm 4gb geil evo 16000 Potenza

-1 Low profile cpu cooler freezer 11lp

- Power supply 400w sfxpower 2 bequiet

-1 SAS3041E controller LSI -R ( 4 port sata 3gb )


I installed the 4.3 version of hba 3827 version, all right except for creating iscsi volumes, it does not work


We perform a test, created with a disk previously formatted by the system, a disk of 70gb


Create iscsi -lun regular files , if I enable the option to create a new iscsi target, and next pulse to all other options and apply , do not create any LUN


However if I create a iscsi -lun normal files but the option to create a new iscsi target not active , yes I create a LUN , and appears in normal


I go to the option iscsi target and pulse create , following the pulse ... target information , I assign this target unit created before LUN , pulse applied


me a table indicating the following appears:


Connection error . Verify your network connection



and lets not continue ... I might be wrong ?


thank you very much for your help




I have a hp microserver with version 4.3 xpenology 3810 and if I could perform without any problems creating iscsi volumes

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