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Add SSD Cache to New Raid 10 array




I'm running diskstation ds3617xs with dsm6.1.7 Juns 1.02b Supermicro X10SLL-F & Xeon 1225v3 16gb ddr3 working flawlessly with the exception of SHR vs the Raid 10 i need.

Its all backed up to an XPE 3615 in raid 0, about 6tb total.


I'm going to be creating a raid 10 volume on the 3617  4 x 8tb.


My goal was to also use an ssd cache with the new Raid 10 volume but im reading this wont be possible without adding the ssd cache to the Volume.


1: can i use ssd cache with this new setup raid 10, without it effecting the volume? By this i mean, if an ssd cache drive fails, the whole thing wont go to shyte.


2. Im considering using 6.2 instead of 6.1.7. Is 6.2 and Juns loader 1.03 considered as "safe" as using 6.1.7?






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