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XPEnology loosing connection after system recovery

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Hi there!


I had some trouble with my XPEnology NAS.

At first I had some problems with my HP Microserver G8, because my RAID always crashing and reconnecting randomly drives.


So I decided to plug the disk to another mainboard (Asus Z270-A).

With the Asus mainboard I was able to recover my broken raid.


But I also had a file system error, so DSM ask me if I want to reboot to repair the problem.

So I clicked yes and waited, but the problem is I had no internet connection.


Is it normal on file system repair that the internet connection is lost?


After two days I rebooted my Asus Mainboard, but always when the Stick is booting the link is gone on my nic.


I tried it with serveral sticks and also with the extra.lzma file.

I I swap the stick, I was able to see the XPEnology in the Assistent and it ask me if I want to restore.


But always after the reboot the problem is back with the gone link.


I don't know how to solve the problem...

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Hi, I have the same problem too after I updated to 6.2.1 which bricked the pc. So I did go for recovery and after recovery, I lose link. Looks kije Synology guys have done some intentional updates to cause havoc to Xpenology users.

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