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I am using XPEnology for a few weeks. Everything works fine and was easy to do. But I have one problem. My WOL is not working. Hard drives spin down and up is working. If I shutdown the system or take it down to sleep under "Hardware & Power". It is not possible for me to walke it up. I have an original synology. This is working fine. I would say my network is okay. 


I red that I have to edit my MAC address. But I can't find the file with the MAC on the USB if I connect it to my computer. But I am not sure. Under Control Panel -> Network the right MAC is shown. 

In Bios I activated "PCIE Devices Power on" and set "deep s5" to auto.


Has anyone an idea? Thanks for your help.



ASRock J3455



DSM 6.1.7 - 15214



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Hi @marcel_v90


I've found myself in a similar situation. You can check my experience here:


What I would go first with is trying to wake up your NAS using Syno Assitant. You can download it from HERE, for example. If you can wake up your NAS using Wake on Lan from Synology, then you will be facing the same problem as I'm. Keep an eye in my post and I will update with a proper solution sometime (I hope :D)


If you have found a way, then please let us know.

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WOL is working right now. With xpenology in the DSM interface there is a false MAC shown. However my Fritzbox is showing the same wrong MAC. This confused me. I startet the PC with a bootable Linux and it gave me another MAC. 

I bootet with xpenology again and tried it with the MAC Linux showed me before. With this it is working. 


Hope I can help some other guys with the same problem. 

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