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  1. Hey, WOL is working right now. With xpenology in the DSM interface there is a false MAC shown. However my Fritzbox is showing the same wrong MAC. This confused me. I startet the PC with a bootable Linux and it gave me another MAC. I bootet with xpenology again and tried it with the MAC Linux showed me before. With this it is working. Hope I can help some other guys with the same problem.
  2. Hello, I am using XPEnology for a few weeks. Everything works fine and was easy to do. But I have one problem. My WOL is not working. Hard drives spin down and up is working. If I shutdown the system or take it down to sleep under "Hardware & Power". It is not possible for me to walke it up. I have an original synology. This is working fine. I would say my network is okay. I red that I have to edit my MAC address. But I can't find the file with the MAC on the USB if I connect it to my computer. But I am not sure. Under Control Panel -> Network the right MAC is shown. In Bios I activated "PCIE Devices Power on" and set "deep s5" to auto. Has anyone an idea? Thanks for your help. ASRock J3455 8GB RAM 3TB WD RED DSM 6.1.7 - 15214 DS3617xs