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  1. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: FRESH - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.04b - DS918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - Asrock J4105 Mini ITX, 4GB RAM - Additional comments: Updated from SynoAssistant
  2. From my perspective that is quite a small amount of information hehehe. Anyway, someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but the system hibernation that my old DS214se was doing is not part of the DS918+ or 3615/3617 devices available to launch with Jun loader (accordingly to THIS). It looks like only DS213+ and DS413, what I guess includes my DS214se. Does someone know if this is related with CPU architecture? Does someone know if we could launch some of those images with Jun's loaders?
  3. Hi @piotrekp Did you manage to get this done? after all my research, I truly believe this is being handled by Synology either by a special chip to send WOL to motherboard or by sending it from their servers. Any other information about it?
  4. So basically after a long research, it looks like the Motherboard has a problem with display. I think the problem could come from Zotac ION Video card that is not working well with Xpenology. I'm close to buy a new motherboard (Asrock j4105-itx) as I saw a lot of people working fine with it. What I'm still worried about is that nobody is posting about hibernation and many people is asking about it. Such a shame having this lack of information about this feature.
  5. Hi @djp3k05 So did you manage to get the Motherboard to hibernation? can you post here your details and how did you achieve it? Thank you
  6. This is a never ending question, so far I've been looking for this and no clear answers. It looks like nobody cares about hibernation.
  7. Hi @hotshots That was already visible for me. What I don't understand is what could I take from there to fix the problem with the hibernation thing.
  8. I'm setting it up from scratch and testing if I can get it working for now in my old motherboard, so I don't care about my current disks data. I do care about those in my old NAS though xD I will try with the video tomorrow, I guess it will be most likely changing the files, but the process itself will be mostly the same, so fast thing to try. Thanks!
  9. Yeah, tomorrow will try with the BIOS flashing + loader and 6.2. Also I will post exact model from Zotac ION. Do you have any tutorial that you followed to achieve 6.2 installation + loader with Suspend+WOL working? Thank you again for your time!!
  10. Sure, I've listed it in the first post: Zotac ION mini-itx mobo Intel Atom 330 (integrated in motherboard) 4GB RAM DSM 6.1.7-15284 Jun 1.02b loader DS3617xs pat model used
  11. So I've been trying all what you wrote in your post @mr9v9 Time is in sync in bios and synology. Disks go to hibernation but still no system hibernation (no CPU + PSU sleep). So far, nothing is working. Any help is appreciated! (thanks again!)
  12. Hi @marcel_v90 I've found myself in a similar situation. You can check my experience here: What I would go first with is trying to wake up your NAS using Syno Assitant. You can download it from HERE, for example. If you can wake up your NAS using Wake on Lan from Synology, then you will be facing the same problem as I'm. Keep an eye in my post and I will update with a proper solution sometime (I hope :D) If you have found a way, then please let us know.
  13. Hi @mr9v9 Thanks for the info in the link, I'm not at home this weekend so I will test it most likely tomorrow. Certainly many things to check before giving up, so appreciate all this info. What I don't really understand is why there is no main topic/thread about this in the forum, as it is such an important feature to have in a server. Maybe I will try to create a new thread with all this info (linking to your post and with kudos to you ofc) Thanks again for the info!
  14. Hi @mr9v9 Thanks for your reply. I would like to avoid scheduled turn on/off, the idea is to replicate what my old Synology was doing, sleep CPU + PSU and wake it up when firing DSM in browser. It was kind of hibernating and now I'm not sure if this is the regular behaviour for everyone here in the forum or there is something I'm doing wrong (or my Mobo is not capable of). I've tried setting Wake on Lan in my Mobo, changing suspension mode from S1 to S3 and vice versa, setting correct Mac and serial number, etc and I could get Wake on Lan working only from Synology Assistant, but don't want to have another device in my network to be triggering waking up. Disks are going to sleep and automatic turn off take place, so to me it looks like it is not a problem with other packages running in background. My assumption so far is that my motherboard is not achieving suspension because of its compatibility with Synology or it is not the expected behaviour in Synology. Any help would be appreciated!! I just want my files back by replacing disks into Xpenology and trash my old DS214se
  15. I've found myself in the same situation. And cannot see your signature. Any hint here?