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Installing DSM 6.1 on Zotac Zbox


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Hi everyone


I'm looking at installing DSM 6.1.4 (using Jun's 1.02b loader with DS916+ PAT file) on a Zotac zbox (CI327 - N3450 celeron).


I've noticed some old posts describing bios reset issues when using the DSM power schedule  (specifically auto startup) or when the sync with NTP server in DSM is enabled.  As far as I can tell these  issues have involved older versions of DSM (i.e. 5.x) and the boot loader. Have these issues been resolved under DSM 6.1.X with the 1.02b loader?



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The notes included with 1.03a2 loader state that the 918+ does not suppport cmos rtc related functions which is a problem for me as I need to be able schedule auto start and shutdown times. That’s also the reason why I’m trying to establish whether bios reset issues have been resolved.

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