XPEnology installation under QNAP Virtualization Station

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If you want to run XPEnology on QNAP Virtualization station just follow the video below. It's in german but give it a shot, I think you will get it how it works.

Unfortunately it's not possible to backup the VM while it's running but you can configure a scheduled shutdown inside DSM so you can do a scheduled VM-backup after shutdown. Please note that scheduled autostart will not work from DSM when running it as a VM because the physical timeclock (which every Synology NAS has bult in) is missing. For workaround please configure an autostart via cronjob on you QNAP NAS via SSH just the way described here (step-by-step):

Please note that after a full restore of a VM from Virtualization Station the unique VM-ID will be newly created so you have to rename it again to make your startscript work.

(English version of dokuwiki instruction is coming soon)



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