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  1. Updated open-vm-tools for DSM to version 11.3.0. You can download and/or compile it from here: https://github.com/NeverEatYellowSwissSnow/synology-dsm-open-vm-tools
  2. Not sure why the error is thrown while compiling. Also not sure whether the file is meant to be insde /usr/bin or just /bin. With your patch applied, after compiling and installing the package on DSM, you will find the vm-support file here: /volume1/@appstore/open-vm-tools/bin The thing is that on DSM the path /volume1/@appstore/open-vm-tools/etc/vmware-tools actually does exist so maybe it's really meant to be there or it's just a mistake in the post-installation part of the script because something has changed in the past. I obvioulsly do not fully understand this yet. I will have a look on this as soon as I can find some time. Anyway, it seems the file is just for collecting log information. When executig manually it generates a .tar.gz file inside the same folder. I'm not sure if the script is meant to be called by some automation process which would be dependent on this script but for now I will apply your patch on Github. Thank you for potentially fixing this mate!
  3. Yes I think you're right. I was not able yet to dive deeper into it and I will try my best to resolve this. My first goal was to compile open-vm-tools by myself and as I did not find ANYTHING about it on how to reach this goal it really took me months of work to find out. There are a few people who already compiled the open-vm-tools for DSM in the past but unfortunately none of them have posted anything about a how-to neither did anyone of them anwer a single question I asked. That being said I wanted to share as much as possible what I have found out and I am thankful for anyone contributing and improving to this. Like I already mentioned, I am not a compiling expert and I am still learning about it and I am willing to learn. The more people contributing to this the more reliable this will work in the future with newer versions of open-vm-tools.
  4. It's online now on Github. You should be able to compile it by yourself now. I hope everything is much more clear now.
  5. I'm working on a reliable description on Github, please be patient.
  6. Compiled it. Please download, test and report back if it works.
  7. No, I'm actually not a compiling expert, I'm still learning from what I've currently done. But I'll try my best to help you out with this. I will try to compile for Bromolow myself. For which DSM version would you need it?
  8. open-vm-tools for DSM 6.2.x: https://github.com/NeverEatYellowSwissSnow/synology-dsm-open-vm-tools/releases Currently only available for Apollolake x64 architecture. I have not tested it for other architectures.
  9. I finally did it: https://github.com/NeverEatYellowSwissSnow/synology-dsm-open-vm-tools/releases
  10. In case y'all did not take notice, this amazing guy from gitgub released an up-to-date open-vm-tools package 11.0.1-1 for Synology DSM. I'm using it on ESXi 7.0 with the latest DSM version 6.2.3 on XPEnology for DS918+ loader and it works perfectly! https://github.com/leonardw/synology-open-vm-tools/releases
  11. The script works like a charm, even with today's update to DSM 6.2.3-25426! Thank you a thousand times, @flyride
  12. Where has the script gone? It's not available for download anymore Edit: Oh f***, I had to login to make it available. Nevermind!
  13. Hi Sancome I tried to compile the latest open-vm-tools 10.3.10 by myself by using the Synology Package Creation Tool with an Ubuntu system for x86 apollolake architecture but I had no success. I was at the point when it successfully created a package after a lot of struggle and I thought that was it but the package itself was empty and I did not found out why. My knowledge is too limited I guess but I am really willing to learn. Any chance you would help me out with this? Maybe you already have a step-by-step instruction what to do? Thanks a lot in advance.
  14. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior to update: DSM 6.2.1-23824U6 - Loader version and model: Jun v1.04b - DS918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: VM - ESXi 6.7U1 on Supermicro E300-8D Server, including nested vDSM by using VMM - Additional comment: update to DSM 6.2.2 also SUCCESSFUL
  15. As it was driving me nuts not to find anything about how to compile open-vm-tools so that we can always have the latest version for our xpenology systems I decided to give it a shot by myself. Now this is where I am stuck into. It was a pain in the ass and a lot of reading until now but I don't want to give this up as I know many others asked for this too. Once it's done I will create a step-by-step tutorial about that and post it here. So guys...any help is very appreciated!
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