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Hp microserver G7

Jose Marin

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Good afternoon

first of all, I have to say that I am new in this world.

Two weeks ago I bought a second hand Hp G7 N54L 4 baysl, just as an introduction to this world

I habe it with Windows 10 and VM14.

Have  read a lot of manuals, and seen thesame number of videos, but I cannot get the DMS install, at time of selecting the file I get the mag that it is not the last one and I need to download the latest one, habe search and done it but nothing.

Could any one point me to a good manual and software to download? No issue id the software is old, I want to install anything to start and learn, later I will upgrade it

Thks for any help.

Jose Marin

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Hi Jose and welcome to the forum.


Please have a read through the FAQs to understand more about the XPE/DSM setup

Everything you should need to install  is covered in the Upgrade/Install tutorial, the Download links and process are all included

Also, I think you have been trying to find XPE/DSM 5.2 loader,  that is a good plan for  'older' hardware like yours and also because you are totally new to XPE/DSM, you could try testing the XPE/DSM 5.2 setup installation first.

Setup of XPE/DSM 5 is 'easier' because you do not need to edit image files and the complexity of setting vid/pid. More hardware is supported in the basic installer too. You can obtain a lot of diagnostic information on your hardware from this too, which can help with upgrading.


Once you are familiar with 5.2 process, flashing USB, booting, installing DSM etc you can move to the 6.1 version


If you need a copy of the 5.2-5967.1 loader (the 'newest' XPE/DSM 5 loader) then PM me and I'll arrange a download



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On 2/19/2018 at 5:20 PM, sbv3000 said:

If you need a copy of the 5.2-5967.1 loader (the 'newest' XPE/DSM 5 loader) then PM me and I'll arrange a download


22 hours ago, Jose Marin said:

Thks a lot for your info!!


15 hours ago, sbv3000 said:

another member posted the 5.2 image here :)



All images since the inception of XPEnology are available on this forum and in one topic:


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