DS Cam app, how to login?

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Hello folks, I have configured DDNS through Duckdns on DSM, I have port forwarded on my router (again, thanks Polanskiman!) and can login using browser using the Duckdns domain I set up but the problem is after I click on the DS cam app I put in my address and password but still get errors.


-I tried a combination of IP addresses, Duckdns domain, etc. I am sure it is a simple solution but cannot figure it out.


Again, this is only for figuring out the proper login address/password combo for the DS Cam app on Android.



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9 hours ago, Polanskiman said:

What errors? Are you putting the port number after the domain?

Thanks Polanskiman, the port number was the piece that I was missing. All settled now.

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