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  1. Thanks Polanskiman, the port number was the piece that I was missing. All settled now.
  2. Hello folks, I have configured DDNS through Duckdns on DSM, I have port forwarded on my router (again, thanks Polanskiman!) and can login using browser using the Duckdns domain I set up but the problem is after I click on the DS cam app I put in my address and password but still get errors. -I tried a combination of IP addresses, Duckdns domain, etc. I am sure it is a simple solution but cannot figure it out. Again, this is only for figuring out the proper login address/password combo for the DS Cam app on Android. Thanks.
  3. Genesys, hopefully you or someone smarter than me can help me solve my problem. I have a HP Media smart server ex475 that will only boot from MBR and only one partition on usb drive. I have tried about 10 different usb creators and nothing works because they will say unbootable image, etc. I am trying Juns and your bootloader images. What will work and create a bootable image is using Rufus and the Xpenology image, not Juns bootloader. So, is there a way to create a single partition Juns bootloader? Thanks/Merci.
  4. Thanks to Polanskiman's tutorial I got the server running on a AMD A6 I bought at the Goodwill for $19! It had a TB hard drive already in it. I am mainly using this for 2 security cameras. I will give you my setup because as a newbie to NAS's and security cameras it gets confusing very quick and people searching can get confused, so in laymans terms: -I have my router bridged to another router in the garage where I connect my PC, this way I do not have to run a cable from my living room to a switch in the garage. So far works great. -I have 2 security cameras plugged into the LAN port along with the Xpenology PC to the back of the bridged router. I power the cameras with a power adapter until I buy a POE switch. -I originally had a 2 camera Arlo wireless system from Costco, they are going back. Horrible picture quality at night and only 720p in day, with a lot lag between actually capturing a person walking and notifying you on the phone. Basically all I got was the top of someones head when playing the clip, the camera is asleep to conserve battery power but already had to change batteries again in 2 months. -I read extensively on cameras and the Dahua and Hikvision brands are the ones to get. I went with a $39 SV3C camera from Amazon and it works great at 1080p in the day and good at night. Blows the Arlo cams away. So far i'm into a better security system for $50! thanks to you guys on Xpenology. Things to make sure you get right when setting up the USB stick, I did the Virtual Machine on a Intel PC initially with windows 10 which worked but wanted a dedicated bare metal PC. -VID and PID of USB need to be in the grub config, otherwise error 13 will pop up, failed install. -serial number generated need to be on there also, grub config. Mac address not so important unless you are setting up a quickconnect, I haven't messed with that yet so I left the MAC address unchanged. -if you initially dicked around with a failed install I would format the hard drive with a boot disc (Easus, etc.) because every time I tried to reinstall Xpenology it would try and migrate disc instead of fresh setup. My newbie question: I have the 1080p camera running at 20 fps and highest quality, will the 1 TB (actually 857GB) be enough capacity for a 30 day runtime? I did the wizard where it calculated disc space needed but only came up with 100GB needed. The 30 minute recordings are taking up around 3000 mb each at my settings though, which roughly gives me only about 5 days worth at this rate. Where am I wrong or just confused how the recording works? Thanks