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XPEnology Crashing


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I managed to setup XPEnology on Intel Atom d510 atom board with 2GB DDR2 RAM and WD 500gb disk, everything work fine, application, network etc but after 15h system simple freeze, nothing can be done only restart/shutdown work, after that system is up and works fine.

Does someone have the same or similar problem and maybe idea how to resolve this,


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I have similar problems, HW being Atom 310 on a Intel based motherboard, 2GB RAM, Sil3124 raid controller. No messages at all, nowhere.


Sometimes, it crashes after a couple of minutes, sometimes after a couple of hours. At best, I was able to have it running one full day.


Today I am installing a brand new debian 7 on the same hardware to see if this is a hard or soft issue. I am running tests now.


Do you think that compiling your own kernel may help things ?





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