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  1. Hi I have tried DSM 5.0 on Intel Atom D510 board. For now everthing work fine. Please note after boot choose downgrade/upgrade option and use ds214play 4458 version, Nice job, thanks.
  2. doxikus

    DSM 4.2 on Intel Atom D510 board

    Hi Does someone install latest version of DSM 4.2 on physical hardware like Intel Atom D510 board!? If yes can you please write short tutorial or even point to related topics. DSM 4.1 work fine on mentioned hardware, without any problems. Thanks in advance
  3. doxikus

    XPEnology Crashing

    Hi I managed to setup XPEnology on Intel Atom d510 atom board with 2GB DDR2 RAM and WD 500gb disk, everything work fine, application, network etc but after 15h system simple freeze, nothing can be done only restart/shutdown work, after that system is up and works fine. Does someone have the same or similar problem and maybe idea how to resolve this, thanks