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  1. If anyone is having the same issue, I had changed mac addresses wrong on my usb drive config file.
  2. is there a maximum of how many nics you can bond? on my box i have a total of 5 ge ports but when i try to bond 4 of them only two end up being bonded. i use lag with lacp on cisco switch.
  3. After some research my card does not support IT mode so I can't use it. So if anyone is trying to use the perc h700, you have to create a raid on the card.
  4. NO way!! So I just need to clear any configs form raid card, plug in all hardware and synology does the rest??? Does it get any info from the card? Can you post a screen shot of of the info when you go to disks? THanks
  5. So, how do you set these up? Do you make a raid in lsi during boot up? If so, how do you monitor for failed drives? On my new box I have 6 sata ports available but I also have dell perc 700 that is not utilized now, but my case is able to support 8 drives. thanks
  6. If you are using usb drive to boot, just restore the image once again and try booting with correct bootloader. After an update boot image gets corrupted sometimes.
  7. It does look like he has got boot loader as well as dsm installation on same partition. later on you can just add sdb as a regular hard drive.
  8. I was trying to do the same thing. Person that made it said he does not remember how he did it. It was on a trial and error basis and he did not write down what worked.
  9. Where did you find information on editing vendor file (serial number) on esxi?
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