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  1. I think a Pi would be a great solution for a single disk NAS replacement via USB. (obviously not a replacement for a NAS w/ raid). If Pi could run xpenology, it would be a sweet rsync/torrent/download box with a great UI for file management (multi user too). Hook that up with cloud sync to google drive or amazon cloud, there is simply no other self-hosted solution that can do this (file management, cloud sync and download/torrent manager under one UI)
  2. Here is my new error after setting up the toolchains from synology http://pastebin.com/CHgjJewr are the headers custom or can you use the ones from apt-get. if custom can you build them? i tried make headers_install and that failed as well. /builds/dyce/xpenoboot/linux/scripts/Makefile.headersinst:50: *** Missing UAPI file /builds/dyce/xpenoboot/linux/include/uapi/linux/netfilter/xt_MARK.h. Stop. make[2]: *** [netfilter] Error 2 /builds/dyce/xpenoboot/linux/scripts/Makefile.headersinst:120: recipe for target 'netfilter' failed /builds/dyce/xpenoboot/linux/scripts/Makefile.headersinst:120: recipe for target 'linux' failed make[1]: *** [linux] Error 2 make: *** [headers_install] Error 2 Makefile:922: recipe for target 'headers_install' failed
  3. Here is my build log: http://pastebin.com/4Yp8PKpQ i used make -j 4 modules and i used config.gz from /proc is there some prerequisite that I am missing, i thought config.gz is a working configuration. Perhaps the wrong gcc? I am using gitlab.com continuous integration which uses debian jessie.
  4. Only if you have a kernel compiled with specific option to export running config into /proc or, if you have compiled specific module I can confirm xpenology kernel is compiled with that option. I am still getting errors, could you provide what distro you used and what packages you installed? did you use the toolchain from synology's sourceforge? did you set ARCH=x86_64 Thanks for the help. Ill put together a dockerfile to automate this.
  5. @Trantor I believe this should get VIRTIO disk to work. edit the following file: drivers/block/virtio_blk.c on line 758 in the latest posted kernel source change: virtblk_name_format("vd", index, vblk->disk->disk_name, DISK_NAME_LEN); to virtblk_name_format("sd", index, vblk->disk->disk_name, DISK_NAME_LEN); then synology should be able to detect virtio disks. if you can try this to see if it works or help assist me in getting a working .config i would greatly appreciate it.
  6. I got a little further but couldnt get it to boot in KVM. Could the xpenology team possibly post the .config for the latest xpenology release?
  7. Here is the kernel, from the stickied thread https://mega.nz/#!WUIjxZYD!FLqYKn0kwtFy ... 2X9MJLYMts Does anyone have a working .config file?
  8. I actually was able to login to the "recovery mode" (using the C code that generates a password per day) and was able to mount /dev/vda manually (using mknod). So the virtio drivers are indeed included. But of course all the synology tools are hardcoded to look for /dev/sda. I was able to hack around with the API to let it detect /dev/vda by overriding the API it calls to return that. but of course all the changes I make in the recovery do not persist and the install fails. So I have come to the conclusion that either the kernel needs to be modified to mount virtio as /dev/sda rather than /dev/vda or some hacks need to be performed to allow the synology software to happily read from /dev/vda , the former would be a lot easier.
  9. I am trying to get virtio storage to work. when does xpenology decide to boot into recovery (install OS, no disks found, etc) (this is where your root login doesnt work). can you write files to that rootfs or is it readonly? I am looking at this script, is this script ran before synology would boot into recovery? https://github.com/Jman420/nanoBoot-DSM ... nuxrc.syno
  10. Also try: compliance@sfconservancy.org , https://sfconservancy.org/copyleft-compliance/ They can act on behalf of the copyright holders of Linux. If anyone owns a Synology NAS, go ahead and email Synology and ask for the source code (don't ask for it to be published to sourceforge, just ask for a copy, because the license allows any form of distribution). If they don't send the source, forward that email to sfconservancy, that should be enough evidence.
  11. hi trantor, would it be possible to add a kvm VIRTIO driver for disks? they generally mount as /dev/vdX rather than /dev/sdX . perhaps thats why synology cannot detect it (or that the module isnt there).
  12. Here are two threads of interest. https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?t=39825 https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?t=7829 It would be cool to run synology this way. this could allow you to run synology on a raspberry pi via hypervisor mode. Has anyone experimented with this?
  13. why not virtualize? G4400 supports VT-d so you can passthrough a sata controller.
  14. I see that xpenology loads virtio drivers. But the installer does not detect any disks. Is this because virtio mounts as /dev/vda rather than /dev/sda and synology is hardcoded to look for sd*?
  15. Please add VirtIO for KVM SCSI/SATA. many online cloud VPS use KVM and I cannot use xpenology since it says no disk is found.
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