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  1. May I ask if the procedure for changing serial key for NANOBOOT the same as GNOBOOT?
  2. I went through lots of topics and tried to search over the forums; I am not able to find anybody who could enable the HA feature successfully based on 2 XPEnology VM guests on a single ESXi setup. I did changed to utilize multiple MAC and the corresponding SN on the 2 XPEnology; I also tried the 4.2-3202 (end up with "failed to create cluster after 10 minutes) and 4.3-3810 (end up with "Operation failed. Please re-login and try again" after I clicked the Apply button) versions but both were not success. Please kindly give me a hand on this.
  3. May I ask if the I use the new .pat file to update the 3202 DSM?