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  1. Thank you very much for the info, unfortunately, it seems like the MB is too old or something, as I cannot get past the hang from the HBA bios whatever I do in the MB bios. So instead I went out and picked up a Supermicro MBD-X9SRH-7F-O with 64GB of Hynix RDIMMs and slammed a Xeon E5-2630V2 / 2.6 GHz inside. My wife will kill me, but I now run ESXI 5.5 with I/O passthrough to the XPEnology server, the migration went smooth and no data was lost, even after moving the 8 drives from previously being on the Marvell controller of the old MB, over to the HBA through ESXI. I don't think I will ever go back from the hypervisor world! I can finally play around with new updates and also run other servers. The only downside I can find with the Supermicro card, is that they delivered it with an old BIOS and they charge you extra for a licence to update it through the IPMI... So the only good way of doing an update, was through the following (great) link: http://www.bhargavs.com/index.php/2014/ ... -bootable/ As a last note, thank you guys for coming through and assist me on the journey, and I would highly recommend the LSI SAS 9201-16i card to anyone who is in dire need of more sata/sas expansion. This bad boy can do 512 disks with expanders. It's crazy (Too bad we can't get DSM to recognize more than 12 though).
  2. Thank you for coming through with advice, it is much appreciated. I have looked across the web for solutions, and I opened up my main driver which has UEFI BIOS It's a Gigabyte GA-Z97N-Gaming 5 (Mini ITX). I tried to first go down the path of using reFind, to no awail, I get the message "InitShellApp: application not started from shell". I searched more on this subject and I could read that I had to use some Shellx64.efi file onto a fat32 usb and boot from it. I tried to change BIOS settings to get it to boot into that shell, but had no luck. So I then tried to do it the DOS way on my main driver, made the DOS bootable and booting it successfully, only to discover that I cannot, with the message: "ERROR: Failed to initialize PAL. Exiting program." Apparently Intel 3000 or 5000-based boards have optionROM limitations which cause the above error. I do not have the knowledge to solve this. After that, I kinda got frustrated, so I opened up the Server, which I have the GA-965P-DQ6 with Intel P965+ ICH8R chipset installed. I mounted the card and fired her up, only to see that the SAS bios is initializing AFTER the bios, as opposed to before on the GA-z97N... And with this comes the issue where it says something like "MPT boot ROM. No supported boot devices found." I am at the brink of giving up, is there something I do wrong? How can I have the SAS card from halting the system and prevent Xpenology to boot from the USB stick? I assume that if I can find a way to get past the message: "MPT boot ROM. No supported boot devices found." during boot, I can fire up DOS and downgrade. Many thanks in advance for any support
  3. Thanks for the info! I have located the firmware from LSI site, the 9201-16i_Package_P19_IT_Firmware_BIOS_for_MSDOS_Windows zip. I am very new to this, so if someone could maybe point me in the direction of where I can read a step-by-step guide? Do I need to boot MS-DOS on the server? Cheers in advance,
  4. Something weird happened and the post got duped due to some error in BBcode, apparently.
  5. Hello guys, Anyone have this card installed? Can I use it out of the box, or do I need to do something with it before I boot into Xpenology? I'm running from XPEnoboot 5.2-5565.2 (07/06/2015) Here are the specs of my motherboard.
  6. Hello guys, Anyone have this card installed? Can I use it out of the box, or do I need to do something with it before I boot into Xpenology? I'm running from XPEnoboot 5.2-5565.2 (07/06/2015) Here are the specs of my motherboard.
  7. Thank you very much! This looks like a great controller!
  8. Well, I'm happy that someone actually cares and want to help at all. If I could ask, which controller would you recommend for a decent price, and where I can at least put 8 disks on it (and later maybe use expanders) that I can use with Xpenology?
  9. I'm confused now. Is it an ok card or not?
  10. Thanks, I cancelled the order after your recommendation. Maybe I'll order a better card at some other time. I'm brand new in this game, so I don't know what to look for really. Anyway, thanks for the help
  11. Adding more drives to SHR and SHR2 is not complicated: Remember the following, it will consume some time to expand the disk. So please add them to the disk group first, then expand the volume (unless you want to create a second volume.) Keep in mind the following: - The drive you add must be equal or bigger in size then the biggest drive you already have installed. So if your SHR group consists of 1x500GB, 2x 2TB and 1x 4TB - you would want to add a 4TB or higher. - If the disk group is near its brim, that is, if your data occupies more than 80% of the drives, you are looking at a few days of expansion, depending on the full size of the disk group. To pur this in perspective: I had the following setup: a) 2x 500GB b) 2x 2TB c) 2X 4TB The array had 97% occupied with data, and I then added 2x 4TB to the disk group and issued the expand task. It took about 5 days to complete. It is also worth noticing that i suffered a power outage during this time, and the time to check for parity took about 24 hours before i could continue the expansion. no data lost and it works well now. Hope this helps anyone else out there.
  12. Hello, I found this cheap 16 Sata port card with 4 SAS ports on DX.com which is named IOCREST IO-PCE9215-16I http://www.iocrest.com/en/product_details440_a.html I suspect it implements some sort of marvell chip, but I'm not certain. Have a look here for the chip: http://www.marvell.com/storage/system-s ... -brief.pdf I wondered if this chip is supported already, because I will then try it once I get the card from the manufacturer. And hopefully it works. If not, could someone point me in the direction where I can find the .ko and I will try to inject it myself into the kernel? Thanks in advance -- Swoy --
  13. I would like to see a driver for rtl8811AU in the next pack. It can be found in the following link and supports linux kernel up to 3-10 (DSM 5.2). http://www.dlink.com/uk/en/home-solutio ... sb-adapter Thank you very much!
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