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  1. I just installed this version on one of my computers, its look like its working with no issues for now. Thanks for the great job. one major issue, when you log in to the server via web browser it write on the center low area of the screen XPEnology 4.3 with a ugly font, the synology sign is much better ha ha ha now lets move to the real issue, I use a gigabyte mother board, this board has a bug in the bios that it can not boot from USB drive with Linux MBR. I tried to take a second USB drive and formatted it with dos/windows and put on it PLoP. but I can't make the PLoP to boot the
  2. Hi, I installed this version and the xpenology work great. I'm using Gigabyte mother board, this boards have a problem (bug) in the bios that it can't boot from usb drive with linux MBR. but USB with DOS/WINDOWS MBR no problem, im not sure if its all linux types. this issue is only with USB. Do you know if I can install on the data hard drive bool loader to point to my usb so it will boot automatically? (I tried that and its destroy the volume) I tried to use 2 usb drives one with dos/windows MBR that load and it suppose to start the second but I can't make it work. any suggestio
  3. For WOL to work properly, MAC address should match you real NIC's MAC address. It is unique for each network adapter. SN you can make anything you want with the same lenght (?). For both, MAC and SN you will need to recalculate the checksum and put it right after the number. Hi, Thanks for the help. I edited the vendor file and used the excel to calculate the pair 7 (that I assume its the check sum) the excel create a new serial as well base on the MAC address and a check sum pair for the serial. Now when I boot from the USB disk I see on the screen the 4 MAC addresses that I modif
  4. How to edit the mac address. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1353 Can I change the mac address and S/N to any MAC address and S/N that I want? or I need to find a valid MAC addresses and S/N for Synology?
  5. Hi, Few mounts ago I installed this build on a computer, it work like a charm. the LAN mac address was LAN1 00:11:32:08:D6:2A and LAN2 00:11:32:08:D6:2B few days ago I got computer and decided to install this same build as it work so good. I used the same files from last time and created the usb disk for booting. I boot and its go all the way until the point I need to connect to the "SA" in this point I noticed in some thing weird, the mac address in this boot are the same as in the previous computer. I opened the "SA" and did search and I see only two interfaces, I was sure that
  6. I can't get the step 7. the info is "The system is halted",and turn off auto. each time now when you start the "Boot DSM 2.3-1167 x86" its start the boot and halt by it self with doing any thing in the SA?
  7. Did you try solotion of IDE to SATA like ( ... de+to+sata) The 64 bit work great on 64 bit machine but I have 2 P3 that its work great with IDE drives. But the IDE drives are too small. the P3 are amazing electricity is very low Max 29W and hardware cost nothing I have one that run 64bit much easier installation, all work great only problem WOL not working but its not a big deal for now. Did you disabled the IDE when you add the promise and the SATA drives? did you do any change on the BIOS level? I tested them with windows and linux and they w
  8. Sorry that i can't help with the upgrade. I never upgraded, I install directly the 4.2 from the top of this thread. Can you send me the link of the 4.1 thread that you used to install, I will try it, if it work I will stay with 4.1 x86 the 4.2 with no SATA controller. Thanks
  9. I have a Promise Sata 300 tx4 PCI controller in mine. Works well with this build at least. I order Promise Sata 300 tx4 PCI controller, and got them today, I install it on one of the xpenology and I have the same issue like the SIL3124. It start the boot go all the way to: initrd /rd.gz [Linux-initrd @ 0x1fb59000, 0x456650 bytes] and stay in that point forever. If I leave the controller in the PCI slot but remove all the drives from it: No device is found! BIOS in not installed. Then its go to the same place like before and continue after it with: Decompressing Linux.
  10. If there some one who using PCI SATA controller and it work for him, please post it as I want to add sata PCI to my server and my is not working. I have Syba SD-SATA2-4IR PCI SATA II 4x Internal Ports RAID Controller with SIL3124 Chipset and its not working. Thanks
  11. I can't tell you if it will work or not, but its so easy to try so just go for it. in must of the cases if it will not work you will not be able to finish the boot from the USB drive or you will not see the server from the SA. in both case your drive is not modified yet so you still have the original hard disk intact.
  12. I solved the problem with no need to put move the grub to the HD. I used PLoP and configure it to boot automatically from USB drive. If you are in the same situation you can do it by CD-ROM, Floppy or even boot from network card.
  13. Hi, I'm looking to figure out how to move the GRUB from the usb drive to the local HD. I will appreciate any help on this issue. Background: I build the xpenology on very old P3 computer, this computer don't have a boot from usb option on the bios and for that I used boot from CD-ROM PLoP. the down side is that this PLoP start with a menu and the user need to choose from where to boot. as result if I have a power outage I need to be there to start the server. Any solution to move the all boot to the HD so I don't need user involvement to boot will be great. Thanks, sbh
  14. In any case i think I have the right link now: Thanks so much for the posting this. Sadly I am still getting "CRASHED" when trying to create other volumes. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or not. Was hoping it was just the "bug" causing it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I got it when I tried to make a short cuts. Start again and create the volume in step 7, if you don't do it in this order you get the crashed error. (I got it when I did not create it in step 7 and did it in step 12)
  15. Thanks again sbh Can you confirm if this was the version downloaded from google docs or the version downloaded from asus web storage? Thanks essper My file is the one that was downloaded from the ASUS web storage. I installed it on 2 computers and its good.