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    Microserver G7 N54L or Gen8 1610T

    The Gen8 makes no noise at all. At first start when it runs bios checks and ilo it makes a big noise. When xpenology is running, it makes no noise at all. The cpu is fanless.
  2. le_slip_qui_pue

    Microserver G7 N54L or Gen8 1610T

    You seems to have low needs and you can't reed the question. The guy need to transcode video. The N54L is not a good choice. For a file server there's no problem but if you ask more to your server like Plex it's good enough but considering the price difference, the 1610T is a better choice. If he need more power, he can upgrade to a xeon. If you look at the quality build, there's a huge difference between G7 and G8. I really don't care about your needs and nobody cares here. rs6mra ask a question and I answer it. You only write about you and you are not the subject here. Considering the rs6mra's needs, the G7 is NOT a good choice at all. When the Gen8 was twice more expensive it was a good value but now it's not anymore. Access to a monitor? You kidding right? A server has never a monitor attached in. If it is, it's simply a desktop computer. And ILO is free when you stay on boot process. You can get one free licence as you want so it's not a problem for a non professional user. It should be interesting that you separate your need and other's when someone asking for advice. You have poor installation, great for you but everyone hasn't your simple needs. And transcoding is really not in your needs...
  3. le_slip_qui_pue

    Microserver G7 N54L or Gen8 1610T

    Your N40L is all but powerful. Low price and very low performances. The 1610T is 2x more powerful than N54L and is upgradable. The ILO card makes also the difference. There is no argument for this AMD solution. If video transcoding is an argument, the N54L can't be in competition. With Xpenology, the video card isn't used. Happily because the Gen8 has a shitty matrox integrated on the ILO card. The advantage with ILO is that you don't need for a screen plugged to make an installation of Xpenology, an update or a change in bios. This advantage is priceless.
  4. le_slip_qui_pue

    Comment remonter un RAID5 XPENO sous Linux MINT

    Achete un G8 et teste. Tes données valent bien 200€.
  5. le_slip_qui_pue

    Nouvelle Maj 5.1.5004

    Est-ce que tu as bien la dernière version qui corrige ce bug?
  6. le_slip_qui_pue

    Microserver G7 N54L or Gen8 1610T

    There's no choice. The Gen8 is far better than the G7. I had a G7 and I agree it was a good value for the price but with G8 1610T I have no problem with Plex to transcode 2 movies in 1080P resolution. It's really reactive and I don't really care about USB3. You can upgrade the Gen8 and it's most beautiful and tiny so forget the G7.