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  1. @martva good , you can upgrade now
  2. @HaGeMa My system has 4 disks seagate 3TO
  3. I migrated my server n54l from 6.0.2 update 11 to 6.1.3 update 1 without loss of data or configuration. Just use the loader 1.02b with the first boot mode and deactivate the c1e in the bios No error message Has been running for 1 week update take 15 min after reboot
  4. Migration works with native 1.02b
  5. Clean install works on n54L baremetal but not with migrate
  6. I use reinstall mode. The migration mode gives the same result. I used the clean mode and it worked. I would like to know why the migration mode did not work
  7. I select AMD option but i have error , bzimage not found
  8. ok N54l baremetal with 6.0.2. I write your img file to my usb key boot with force install => install 6.1.15047 with success after reboot with normal mode => nothing , no respons with syno assistant or find.synology.com
  9. yes, i disable before migrate to 6.1 but after reboot , nothing appear in syno assistant
  10. So , install success but after reboot in normal mode => can't find my server i wait 10 min after reboot , no ping or syno assistant
  11. 1) Boot without disk => booting the kernel , no ip , no syno assistant 2) USB internal 3) syno assistant or find => nothing 4) i try force or install mode with new usb stick => nothing I find , disable C1 processor in bios I continue my test
  12. My nic is active with light , no ping with other computer or router disk light is inactive How find my model of lan nic ?
  13. Your loader doesn't work with my HP microserver N54L with force mode Can't find with synology assistant or find.synology.com
  14. i test this loader with my n54l this weekend too
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