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  1. How to install XPEnology

    iLO Is there an 'how to' guide in layman's terms as I am unsure as to how to go about activating the iLO standard? Thanks
  2. How to install XPEnology

    Can someone advice how to go about logging into the Gen8 (eg BIOS) running Xpenology on a USB when it is headless?
  3. How to install XPEnology

    Hi Guys, I have just installed Xpenology on an HP Gen 8 and it appears to be working fine. What i cannot however figure out is how to get it to boot from the USB although it seems to do it automatically. I pressed F11 several times but could not get into the BIOS. what i now have on the screen connected to the Gen 8 is a login screen and I cannot log into it. is there a way i can get into the BIOS via access page to ensure that it is set up to boot from the USB ?
  4. Hi, I am about to buy a Gen8 and I only intend to install and run Xpenology for now. From what I have read above this can be done on a USB stick. What is the minimum sized USB required to do this?
  5. Microserver G7 N54L or Gen8 1610T

    The price i found was £180 for a G8 & £130 for a G7. However I intend picking up an N40L which i can play around with and then get a Gen 8 if need be. My Buffalo NAS is 'ok' but does not give me all i need which i would get from the N40L.
  6. Microserver G7 N54L or Gen8 1610T

    Thanks for highlighting the potential issue regarding noise. Fortunately mine would be under the stairs.
  7. Microserver G7 N54L or Gen8 1610T

    Okay.......time for a detour! my current thoughts are go for an N40L second hand and a Gen8 at a later date if my needs change. I have no intentions of setting up RAID and so I could effectively start up with 1 HDD which if I am correct would hold the Xpenology software? What is the maximum sized drive it would accept? As the N40L is older, does it have a gigabit LAN?
  8. Microserver G7 N54L or Gen8 1610T

    Thanks very much and interesting input so far. Honestly any of the above mentioned servers would work for me, but there isn't a big difference in price from what i can see. An N40L would set me back at least £100 whilst a G8 new would be £150. The G7 was sold with a 250Gb drive. Am i right in thinking that the G8 doesn't come with one? For those with a G8, is your OS on an SSD or HD? Is there any real advantage in having an SSD over a HD?
  9. Hi Guys, There isn't a lot in price between the G7 and the G8 and common sense to dictates to buy the latter which comes with 2Gb of RAM & Intel Celeron G1610T (2 core, 2.3 GHz, 2MB, 35W). What i would like from the server is to (a)store backups of PCs and Laptops (b) store music, photos, downloaded videos from Youtube and © store movies for the kids to watch on their laptops & tablets. I am keen on having XPEnology due to the clients being Android & Apple based but may want to install Plex at a later date. I am pretty sure of what i need to do to set up the G7 but given the specs of the G8, what is the absolute minimum that I will need to achieve the above. Thanks.