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  1. iLO Is there an 'how to' guide in layman's terms as I am unsure as to how to go about activating the iLO standard? Thanks
  2. Can someone advice how to go about logging into the Gen8 (eg BIOS) running Xpenology on a USB when it is headless?
  3. Hi Guys, I have just installed Xpenology on an HP Gen 8 and it appears to be working fine. What i cannot however figure out is how to get it to boot from the USB although it seems to do it automatically. I pressed F11 several times but could not get into the BIOS. what i now have on the screen connected to the Gen 8 is a login screen and I cannot log into it. is there a way i can get into the BIOS via access page to ensure that it is set up to boot from the USB ?
  4. Hi, I am about to buy a Gen8 and I only intend to install and run Xpenology for now. From what I have read above this can be done on a USB stick. What is the minimum sized USB required to do this?
  5. The price i found was £180 for a G8 & £130 for a G7. However I intend picking up an N40L which i can play around with and then get a Gen 8 if need be. My Buffalo NAS is 'ok' but does not give me all i need which i would get from the N40L.
  6. Thanks for highlighting the potential issue regarding noise. Fortunately mine would be under the stairs.
  7. Okay.......time for a detour! my current thoughts are go for an N40L second hand and a Gen8 at a later date if my needs change. I have no intentions of setting up RAID and so I could effectively start up with 1 HDD which if I am correct would hold the Xpenology software? What is the maximum sized drive it would accept? As the N40L is older, does it have a gigabit LAN?
  8. Thanks very much and interesting input so far. Honestly any of the above mentioned servers would work for me, but there isn't a big difference in price from what i can see. An N40L would set me back at least £100 whilst a G8 new would be £150. The G7 was sold with a 250Gb drive. Am i right in thinking that the G8 doesn't come with one? For those with a G8, is your OS on an SSD or HD? Is there any real advantage in having an SSD over a HD?
  9. Hi Guys, There isn't a lot in price between the G7 and the G8 and common sense to dictates to buy the latter which comes with 2Gb of RAM & Intel Celeron G1610T (2 core, 2.3 GHz, 2MB, 35W). What i would like from the server is to (a)store backups of PCs and Laptops (b) store music, photos, downloaded videos from Youtube and © store movies for the kids to watch on their laptops & tablets. I am keen on having XPEnology due to the clients being Android & Apple based but may want to install Plex at a later date. I am pretty sure of what i need to do to set up the G7 but given the specs of the G8, what is the absolute minimum that I will need to achieve the above. Thanks.