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    DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 4

    Just successfully installed xpenology on exsi 6.5 last night for the first time. Used a synoboot image and It loaded right up. Updated to the latest version and works great. dell R900 x7460 dual processor 12cores 32Gb ram only issue is that it’s limited to a 12Gb partition and shows 500gb, i can’t seem to expand the storage to use the whole disk. Ideas?
  2. jezzy


    Well, today's my lucky day. I did have another DS unit.. a DS1010+ which shares the same components as the DS1511+ I swapped parts around, the logic board in the DS1511+ worked in my DS1010+ !! Continued swapping parts until I found out the last component that wasn't working correctly.. ready for this?? It's the friggin' PCB with the power switch..! I tinkered with the power button, and .. I've got a fully functional DS1511+ Awesome! Thanks for the moral support =)
  3. jezzy


    Any comment is helpful.. sure.. syno wants to sell me a new logic board at 430$US.. ugh. before going that route.. i'd like to re-flash my DOM. I'll just try the DS1010's DOM i have in the DS1511+ and see what happens!
  4. jezzy


    Hi guys, I may be off topic, but wondering if you can help. I've got a dead DS1511+, i think it might be the DOM that has a corrupted firmware. How can I get a hold of an original DS1511+ DOM firmware? any ideas? thanks!