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  1. Cried to early! After second reboot everything appeared normal again.
  2. updated and rebooted no my complete volume is gone. together with all my pictures. how can i getr those back?
  3. I had the latest xpenoboot file installed on the usb drive. Then I altered some dates with the help of the above adress. restarted and did install/upgrade. Then I checked with synology assistant if I could find the diskstation. And there it was again. Now I checked the webpage of the diskstation and did a migrate automatic install. This is how it worked for me somehow. The first time something went wrong during install and xpenoboot was not able to boot normaly. It did not patch everything properly. But anyway, hope this will help you a little further down the road.
  4. apperently nobody has a fix. But somehow there goes something wrong during installation. This what i did to fix it. First i did the downgrade according to But at the end when installing it asked for 5565 files. So i did an automatic install. After this everything worked like a charme. I am still thinking of upgrading it to update #2. But sofar i got it working again. Keep you updated.
  5. Found bootloader not patching. How can this be solved?
  6. After updating to DSM 5.2-5565 Update 2 on my x64 NAS, the package center did no longer work anymore. It says no connection, check network connections. I tried to manualy enter the DNS adres and still not working. I tried to enter package sources also not working. So somehow there is no connection with the package center. Anybody?
  7. I am using an cable modem. But i managed to solve everything. somehow the port was not forwarded correctly. Or it took a while for the modem to open the port. Because it is open thanks to a little program from This one helped me a lot.
  8. Right, Solved my problem with my desktop pc. Figured out that i needed a activted user in cloud station and logged in via internal ip adress. Now for the phone there are still some problems. Somehow i can't access cloud station via ddns. I have connected my ddns adress to mine external ip adress and forwarded port 6690 in my modem. But still it can't connect. Anybody any ideas? thanks in advance
  9. Hello, I have searched and searched and propably overlooked it, but I can't find a solution. I can't acces cloud station from my phone or computer. I think i made a stupid mistake but I can't find it. I have set up the cloud station package. Activated ddns in dsm. Opened up several ports and fixed my ip adress in DSM. Downloaded and installed synology cloud client on computer and phone. But I can't connect to the cloud station, what ever I do. Somewhere I'll geuss i have misread something, but what. Is there an "how to" somewhere on the internet?