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  1. Hello tocinillo2, When you said that you "upgrade" your system from DSM 6.2.3 to 6.2.4 then 7.0.1, did you use your 7.0.1 image ? or what is necessary to use the first 6.2.4 image you posted ? Moreover, I installed on my Asrock J4125-ITX a M2 to sata (JMB58x AHCI SATA controlle) in order to used two 256 MB GB SSDs for the caching fonction of the DS918+: do you think that this controller will be recognized ? One last question: I need to updated the PID/VID of my USB stick in order to be recognized during install. What about the serial number and the mac addre
  2. Hello, thank you very much for this file. May I ask you a question ?: I have myself an Asrock J4150-ITX, do you think that using you image, I will be able to migrate from DSM 6.23 to DSM 7.01 ? I also thought that it was also necessary to put a legit serial nember to make the baremetal XPENOLOGY device working: could you give me your point about this ? I admit that I start to long a bit about this wonderful development, so I am close to take the risk to use you image... Thank you in advance,
  3. I eventually found that my concern was due to a connector malfunctioning: when I replaced one SATA cable with a new one, the speed of my other SSD rise to more than 400 MB/s. Sorry for the disturbance and thank you for your help.
  4. Dear IG-88, I just replaced one of the SSD that I had initally connected to my IOCREST IO-ADA58215 E-key M.2 2-ports sata card with a Samsung 860 EVO 250 Gb SSD and to my surprise, I could see that the new SSD's speed was measured to 429 MB/s (I enclosed the Docker diskpeed software result) ! It therefore seems that there are some concerns with my "old" SSDs: The crucial 128GB that I replaced (PN: CTFDDAC128MAG SN10160000EF08), The Samsung 840 Pro 256GB that I kept whose normal reading speed is around 540 MB/s and here limited to 270 MB/s. Could it be so
  5. Hi IG-88, What I really want is to use the M.2 socket from my Asrock J4105 board, in order to use two SATA SSDs for cache and to use a NVME SSD for the SYNOLOGY applications storage. In that respect, I could use the internal USB 3.1 gen1 socketof my ITX board with an ORICO LSDT M.2 NVME Enclosure (USB C Gen2 10Gbps PCIe SSD Case M2 SATA NGFF 10Gbps SSD Case Tool Free For 2230/2242/2260/2280 SSD) and and USB adapter ( that I bought to Aliexpress: here my concern is that the final speed
  6. Thank for for the advice. I understand my mistake, but I do not get why using an internal USB 3.1 gen1 connector, I cannot get a speed better than 270 mb/s for a SSD rated 1000 MB/s...
  7. Dear IG-88, Thank you indeed for your support! However, in respect to my motherboard manual, I read that my M2 slot is a key E model (initially designed for a Wifi extension card), so if I am not misunderstanding the M2 standard (that you already described in a previous post where you referred to, I think that I cannot really use any of the possibilities that you propose (as they do not appear to be physically compatible). In my current configuration, my USB NVME SSD is now considered as an internal device, but
  8. Hello everyone, I recently bought an Asrock J4105-ITX board and I installed XPENOLOGY using DS918+ configuration on it. In order to set-up two SATA SSD as cache for my HD, I also procured an IOCREST IO-ADA58215 E-key M.2 2-ports sata card ( this card using the E-Key M2 wifi socket is recognized by XPENOLOGY, but when I test the speed (using SSH and the HDPARM command) of my two SATA SDDs, I only get "half" of the speed that I used to get with a "standard" SATA port. Is it normal ? This extension card is using a JMB582 chipset that i
  9. Thanks you for your answers. After a search within the forum, I eventually found a way to modify the synoinfo.conf files in order to force xpenology to recognize my USB NVME SSD as an internal device. I understand that this modification is not fully safe and maybe destroyed after a system update, but as I bought a network pci-e card with link aggregation capability, and a M2 to sata card (to replace the SSD option of the DS 918+), this was the only possibility that was remaining... Best regards and thanks you again for your support! Envoyé de mon ONEPLUS A3003 en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. Hello everyone, I installed XPENOLOGY on an ASROCK J4150-ITX board very easily thanks to the differents advices given on this forum. I would like to use the USB 3.1 internal connector of my board to plug an NVME SSD and to use it as an internal disk to store the DSM software: after reinstallation I found that it is installed as an external USB disk that I can only used for backup. Is it possible to adjust the internal configuration of XPENOLOGY in order to declare this disk as an internal one? So I could move all my system files on it ? Thank you in advance