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  1. How much power does the system actually need? Pico PSU? Would you be better without a case? One of the developer platforms or wall mounted?
  2. New project, 1st time for of this software. Spec: MB: Intel DH77EB with 16GB memory & G2020 cpu (though that could be swapped for an i5-3470T if needed). 2 x WD Green 3TB drives, may expand to 4 drives down the line. Also a 240GB mSATA onboard (which I intend to keep as the dual boot option). Generally not a fan of RAID. Any expected problems with this hardware? Which software versions are recommended? When booting off the mSATA into Linux Mint, will the data drives be readable? Cheers.
  3. Hi All, I'm Ian from the UK. Avid DiYer, IT trained up to partial degree level (flunked on complex maths). Tried most of the free NAS solutions & my LG N1B1 just died. So I'm looking to try DSM on one of the spare machines while looking out for a synology unit within my price range. Been a regular Linux user for 20 years and full-time for the last 4. Hopefully DSM won't suffer the downsides of the other solutions.