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  1. Hello, thank you for the great tips on how to restore a bricked XPenology. I got inspiration from the tip to use an older USB stick and took it from there without removing the drives. I have a second Synology that has all folders replicated, so I was not afraid of losing data if this would not work. The situation was as follows: I was running 5.2 with Nanoboot for a couple of years and decided now to go to 6.x I created Juns 1.02 Stick and migrated without problem to 6.1.7. All went well. Then I updated via the GUI to 6.1.7. Update 3 (the feedback on the
  2. finally, my ASROCK q1900-ITX arrived, plugged in the case and voila-----USB working, GBit LAN working, so it looks like the J1800 USB hub is not compatible with XPE.
  3. does anyone have experience in changing the mobo of a XPEnology box?
  4. So the USB ports on the Q1900 work and the J1800 not and there is no way to make them work? No workaround or drivers or something like that? When I switch to the Q1900, will the system work plug and play or do I have to modify something on the nanoboot stick?
  5. There is only one PCIe slot which I wanted to use for additional SATA if it would be necessary some day. LAN works, Scheduled start-up/shut-down was not tested so far as the last 4 days it was running nonstop for file transfer and tests. WOL works. The performance is excellent, web apps and GUI are very responsive, CPU and RAM (4GB) utilization is 5% and 16% when copying a large file. Regarding power usage, I did not measure.
  6. Hello, my first post, so I would like to thank the XPEnology enthusiasts for their great work!!! The forum was very helpful for setting up my first XPEnology with much more power than my 2 original Synology DS have. I set up my NAS on a GIGABYTE J1800-D2H with 1 SSD and one 2TB WD red, Nanoboot and DSM 5.0 build 4493 with update 1 succesfully. Now to my problem: I cannot use the USB ports on it, neither the USB stick with nanoboot nor an external USB HDD is recognized, it says no external devices. When I plug the USB HDD (used for backup of my old Synology DS) into any Synology, no