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  1. Does "mount" give you the same answer?
  2. I think your a bit in a wrong forum here... But I cant help you, sorry...
  3. In that case I'm guessing your script has a fault somewhere.., Are you sure its sdu1?
  4. Umount script never worked for me, so I'm also interessted in the solution. If you execute the .sh file, does it unmount the USB? It does for me...
  5. I also had to do one hard restart to get it back to work. Now running without a problem!
  6. That doesnt matter at all, but with all my honesty if you arent sure with such a simple thing, Xpenology wont be any good for you...
  7. hey guys I've setup my server yesterday evening and today morning it allready wont allow me to login anymore. The error I'm getting over the interface is the following: "cannot login to the system because the disk space is full" I've done some research and found the problem: HFileserver> df -h Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on /tmp 3.7G 192.0K 3.7G 0% /tmp Has anyone had the same problem before? Whats the solution? Glad about any input! Cheers
  8. Well if ZFS and Xpenology work well, this will be very interesting! Sadly I havent got any skills to support your genius work!
  9. Hey guys I'm setting my system up running on a SSD, now as I've done all of that I would like to install my other drives and move everything on that RAID. Does this work? I havent found anything yet with the help of google...
  10. I'm guessing it works, as my local store has a Synology 414 with 4x 6TB WD Red on their list... https://www.digitec.ch/de/s1/product/synology-ds414-softbundle-4-x-6tb-wd-red-netzwerkspeicher-nas-2737592
  11. At least use google translator, so people might realise what you want...
  12. You arent missing anything out, I more get the feeling when reading your "Coding talks".
  13. Short form for I Dont Know.
  14. 1) Sollte die grosse Source List von Schnapps vom Forum hier funktionieren? 2) Den root SFTP geht auch mit Telnet nicht. Via SSH geht der Benutzer root problemlos. 3) Kannst du mir eine aktuellere Anleitung schicken? Fand selbst immer nur veraltetes Zeugs... Danke dir!
  15. Hallo zusammen Mein System: Intel Core i5 4460 HyperX HyperX Beast 2x 4GB Seasonic P-460 Asrock Z87 Pro Fatal1ty 3x 4TB WD Red Kann mir jemand genau erklären wie ich IPKG darauf installiere? Ich bräuchte es nur schon wegen htop, nano und anderen ähnlichen kleinen Dingen. Wie ist das mit Pyload? Das sollte ja direkt im App Center zu finden sein, jedoch fehlt bei mir jede Spur davon. Root hat via SFTP (WinSCP) keinen Zugriff, der Benutzer admin jedoch schon. Wie komme ich via SFTP auf das root Verzeichnis? Hoffe jemand kann mir helfen. Grüsse
  16. Hey My hardware has finally arrived and I've created a USB drive and booted with Nanoboot without any problem. Things I've encounterd when trying to set different stuff up: - I cant acces the account root over SFTP (WinSCP) -> admin works like a charm. Anyone know why and how to fix that? (Error says something like: Is there a SFTP programm running.... , cant really remember now I'm at work...) - What IPKG source do you take, when using an i5 4460? - Pyload is supposed to be in the standard download cencter, but I cant find it on my installation? Whats the cleanest way to get it? - Is there a way to get the correct CPU temperature on the interface? I'm running version 4493 update 3 Hope someone can help me with few problems Cheers
  17. I think Xpenology will still use all cores, just the display is wrong. Just check it
  18. I'ts hard coded. We cant change that only 2 cores are recognised.
  19. Haha thanks for your anwser! Cant wait for mine now!
  20. Ciao thkogel Der Atom sollte laut anderen Leuten reichen. In 2 Wochen werde ich mir die Quad-Core Version auch bestellen
  21. Thanks for your reply, just seen your signature now... What do you mean with this sentance: "Vol 3: still working on it" Is there a technical problem or just money wise? haha
  22. How many drives are you running now with the C25504di? Cheers
  23. I'm encountering the exact same "problem" as you. I might just risk it and buy the C2550D4I in two weeks
  24. I'm now thinking about to buy the C2550D4I mainboard. 12Sata Ports Avoton C2550 Quad-Core Processor DDR3 1600/1333 Dual-channel Max. 64GB Dual Intel i210 Gigabit LAN ports (with Teaming function) 1 x PCI-E x8 slot Are SSD's for caching worth it, when I'm running 3-10 4TB drives? I'm just a bit scared that it wont let me run Plex on it. I do not transcode much, almost everything is a direct stream which shouldnt be a big problem... Does anyone in this forum own this board? Would be great to hear some feedback...
  25. Hello guys I've ordered my new NAS hardware: https://shop.digitec.ch/de/ShopList/Sho ... F664B545A7 I want a stable system, does this directly mean I should use Trantors version 4.3? Gnuboot, Nanoboot? Would be great if anyone could help me Cheers
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