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  1. I know this is an old thread , but I’m posting here to confirm that DSM works just fine if these machines, even 6.2.2. I have the TS5400D (4-bay, Atom D2550). It can be upgraded to 4GB RAM, but I’ve never seen it use even 1GB. I’m guessing if you try to run a bunch of dockers it will struggle but it’s just fine as a file server. Install process is a little involved for 6.2+ but doable. I’ll try to post more details when I’m all dialed in.
  2. I have a Buffalo TeraStation TS5400D (4-bay NAS Synology knock-off). I managed to get 6.2.2 installed and running fine using this 0.5 test driver package. The NAS uses an Intel Atom D2550 cpu and has a single PWM case fan. Unfortunately the fan runs at full speed only. Is it possible that I am simply missing a driver that would allow the fan to spin down? If so, how would I determine what I need? Thanks! On a previous build (6.1.) I was able to install IPKG and then bash, perl, lm-sensors, and pmwconfig to make a script to control the fan but I am unable to get IPKG to
  3. I'm using a Buffalo TeraStation that has a single case fan. Stock, the fan runs at full speed all the time. I initially installed 6.1.7 and was able to follow a couple of guides to get control over the fan, which involved installing IPKG to add bash, perl, lm-sensors, & pwmconfig. Now I'm trying 6.2.2 and am unable to install IPKG because it's trying to install to /opt/bin/, and these folders seem to no longer be present. Is anyone here say enough to walk me through how to get IPKG, or some other method of installing lm-sensors and pwmconfig? Thanks