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  1. It's because /dev/md0 is full: admin@Filmstation:/$ df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/md0 2.3G 2.3G 0 100% / none 7.9G 0 7.9G 0% /dev /tmp 7.9G 348K 7.9G 1% /tmp /run 7.9G 3.7M 7.9G 1% /run /dev/shm 7.9G 16K 7.9G 1% /dev/shm none 4.0K 0 4.0K 0% /sys/fs/cgroup cgmfs 100K 0 100K 0% /run/cgmanager/fs /dev/md2 21T 19T 2.8T 88% /volume1 but I'm not sure what it does or how to empty it!
  2. Hi, I'm currently running DSM 6.2-23739 and when I try and install a package via Packer Center I get the following error "The available disk space of this system is insufficient". As you can see from my screen shot their is 2.71TB of disc space remaining? Thanks in advance HEADRAT
  3. Thanks for this, haven't really messed about with this due to time constraints so a push in the right direction would be very much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for everyone's help, I decided to "nuke it from orbit" and start again, currently just copy all my data back onto a nice fresh install
  5. Hi, Picked up a BUFFALO TeraStation TS5800D dirt cheap (with 24TB of discs), just wondered if this would be capable of running XPenology? Currently it's running a a "backup" for my main NAS but the Buffalo software is horrible Cheers HEADRAT
  6. Thanks so much for your post. I'm just going to finish copying off everything off the NAS, then if I mess it up and isolate myself I've got all my data
  7. Found logs in /var/logs (I'm very rusty with CLI) I think it may have something to do with the VSWITCH, I seem to remember having setup a bond at some point on the box (but it didn't work as desired). I can see: admin@DiskStation:/var/log$ sudo synonet --show System network interface list: Host Name: DiskStation Network interface: ovs_eth0 Manual IP IP: Mask: Gateway: DNS: MTU Setting: 2000 -1, Full duplex, active mtu 1500 RX bytes: 56026460 TX bytes: 5110310 Host Name: DiskStation Network interface: ovs_eth1 Manual IP IP: Mask: Gateway: DNS: MTU Setting: 2000 1000, Full duplex, active mtu 2000 RX bytes: 16843000404 TX bytes: 1900737601049 I'm connected to I bet something isn't playing nicely since upgrade to 6.2, I'm trying to find I disable the BOND/VSWITCH from the CLI Currently everything works fine (PLEX/SONARR/RADARR/NZBGET) etc. but when the network just stops working when I press "control panel" I get kicked out of my ssh session, my constant ping stops to and "Synology Assistant" can no longer find the server on any IP.
  8. What the path of the logs, can't really use the GUI? My only option once I lose connectivity is a "hard restart" so I get the "DSM had an unexpected shutdown" but nothing else.
  9. Everything is backed up either to cloud or other NAS so it would be the "end of the world" but ideally I'd like to find out why the network "barfs" when I start DSM applications. My presumption is that something is getting "updated" as these applications loads which is causing the network to be reset.
  10. OK so I wanted to go for the to go for 1.02b as I was on 6.1 but I thought I'd try 1.03b and upgrade to 6.2. All seems to have gone OK, to a point, if I just start the box then everything seems to be OK but as soon as I start DSM and say go into "packages" or "control panel" the server drops off the network: If I click on "connect" I get into DSM but as soon as I log into DSM and press "control panel" I get kicked out of my ssh session, my constant ping stops to and "Synology Assistant" can no longer find the server! Oh my !
  11. I've used USB 3.0 and 2.0 and of differing sizes, the same USB stick will boot ubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64 on the Gen8 My presumption is I should be using the booloader with MBR, correct?
  12. I'm using Notepad++, I have no problem spinning up a VM but I guess I'm a little dubious that is the issue as every other video/post I've seen Notepad++ has been fine. When I try and boot from the Jun bootloader I don't get the normal menu you'd expect e.g. it just refuses to boot and loops around and around the boot cycle. It's been a number of years since I've done this but I don't recall it being particularly problematic, this has really got me "scratching my head". I looked at loads of posts/youtube videos and I'm following the correct process but I'm going wrong somewhere! Just a thought, I'm getting the bootloader from "Xpenology_Tool_V142" maybe that's an issue, what a good source for the "DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b" bootloader?
  13. Hi Hostilian, Thanks for you reply, it will definitely boot off USB as it boots ubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64 from stick The DSM I was running was at 6.1 hence why I was using V1.02b Thanks
  14. Hi All, I''m starting to lose my sanity, I'm trying to create a new USB stick for my Gen8 Microserver (the existing USB had an encounter with an over zealous 6 year old!) I've got my bootloader (DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b) and I've updated the VID for USB PID for USB MAC for NIC Serial using OSFMOUNT (verified that the image does indeed have these values). I then use RUFUS to create a bootable image from the IMG file. The problem is that the Gen8 refuses to boot of the USB stick (I've tried several). HELP! THanks HEADRAT