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  1. LordNitro

    DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 5

    Updatet DSM with the Update 5 and it worked fine. I'm running on the "New Loader" and have updatet DSM with de standard Synology procedure.
  2. LordNitro

    [SOLVED] DS3612xs_4.2-3211_x64

    Hi All, After reverting too the DSM_3202_x64 version i have repaired the RAID volume and it wil work again. I think it has something to do with the driver over the RAID controller. I will see if a second attempt to upgrade to the latest DSM_3211_x64 version wil result in the same behavior. Greetz
  3. LordNitro

    [SOLVED] DS3612xs_4.2-3211_x64

    Hi all, I've got the same problem as "xrecar" that one of the disks is reported as a esata disk and causes problems (degraded). Everythong else is working fine but the data transfer speed is degraded. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance for the help! PS: My Hardware consists of: Fractal Design Node 304 Casing ASUS P8H77-I Motherboard Intel Core i3 3220 Processor Kingston HyperX Red 4GB DDR3-1600 CL9 Memory Seasonic G-Series 360W Western Digital Red 3TB 4x Diskds
  4. Dear T4xus, This is normal behavior, the application or account needs to be authorize bij the xCloud server app. Yo may need to enable the personal homefolder service to do so. Every account kan then be configured to login to te cloud app and work in the "Cloud". Good luck!
  5. LordNitro

    List for next driver rebuild

    Support for the Atheros AR8131 ethernet card would also be nice, the is a friend of mine that has the hardware but DSM isn't compatible. There isn't a official Linux driver but there is a unofficial... Link (explanation how they build it): http://joefleming.net/2010/05/26/athero ... and-linux/ Driver download: http://joefleming.net/files/AR81Family- ... 1.9.tar.gz Thanks in advance! Greeetz
  6. LordNitro

    NFS share permissions denied

    Hi All, Don't know if this would be helpfull, it looks like the same problem when i configured my Raspberry Pi for XBMC for the first time. I also had problems with the NFS share permissions. In the following link there is a explenation how to configure NFS for Synology in combination with XBMC (needs some editing in a config file). http://www.robvanhamersveld.nl/2012/12/ ... -with-nfs/ Hope it helps, it did the trick for me . Greetz