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  1. i made a tutorial of how i did it but it needs to be accepted by the staff
  2. In this tutorial we are going to place the bootloader alongside the DSM OS and the remaining storage Keep in mind that i use DSM 6.1 and not 6.2! What you need: Win32DiskImager Jun's loader v1.02b DS3615xs with MBR partition DSM 6.1 (15047) grub2 (i used grub2-for-windows) partition/hard disk manager (i used Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15) USB stick for the bootloader empty SSD First we are going to put the bootloader on a USB stick using Win32DiskImager Then we are going to install DSM normally After the installation
  3. Well i have done it and its working well only getting a small popup error telling me something happened with Disk 2 well, so much for saying that this can't be done because i have done it it looks like this:
  4. so i have been working on this mod (that works on DSM 5.x) but i have some problems perhaps you guys can help me (i hope) so i installed the DSM on a 512GB ssd (dont ask, it was my spare ssd) just for testing after that i added a volume like any normal person would do upon inspecting the partitions (using Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15) i could clearly see an empty 126MB partition so i formatted it (FAT16) installed grub2 on and installed the contents of Jun's mod loader (the one with the MBR partition) excluding the EFI and some files/folders from the grub folder
  5. it will boot, but it doesn't know the DSM 6.x location so you need to reinstall it, but it will install it on the SSD, while the bootloader is also on the SSD it doesn't know the location of the DSM 6.x after you put the bootloader on the SSD pid and vid is only for in the DSM that it doesn't show the usb in DSM 5.x it doesnt show the SSD as a removable device because the DSM is installed on it if XPenoboot had a 6.x version instead of Jun's bootloader then it could work it needs MBR table and 1 partition
  6. you can't set a vid or pid for the usb, so ignore that part for some reason my method only works on 5.x EDIT: forgot to say about partition 3, format it in FAT32 and change it to FAT32 with LBA
  7. well DSM 6.2 and Jun's loader are giving me a headache i tried the same method using DSM 5.2 and XPenoboot and it just works, weird for XPenoboot and DSM 5.2 what i did was just install it normally XPenoboot on the USB stick and an empty SSD (in my case a 32GB SSD) after its installed i turned the machine off and put both the usb stick and the 32GB SSD on my main pc and used Paragon Hard Disk Manager to backup the partition from the USB stick then restore the partition and put it on the SSD, so you get: Partition 1: DSM Partition 2: DSM Parti
  8. i copied the partitions from the usb stick to the ssd and put the ssd in the machine without the usb stick and it boots no i want the software on my ssd as well, like on my xpenology machine
  9. you actually can boot from SSD (sata connected ssd) because i did that a few years ago with the XPEnoboot it is not as easy as 1-2-3 and you need a usb stick and a backup/restore program (i used Paragon Hard Disk Manager) don't know if it still works with the new loaders but i will try