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  1. I have successfully installed DSM 6.2.3 on my home NAS (booting from USB drive). I have 4 hard drives installed on my NAS: 3 SATA hard drives and 1 SSD. I want to make SSD as my / root file system, so that I can get fast DSM response and the hard drives can sleep longer without wakeup. However, it seems one of my hard drive is mounted as / file system. Is that possible to change that? If so, how to do it? Thanks
  2. @flyride My 3 disks run in simple BASIC mode to get maximum storage space. I set up periodical sync between disks to backup important data. Will disk reordering impact the data?
  3. @flyride Some questions related to the HDD order: what happens if I reorder the HDDs by shuffling the SATA connectors? I mean making the new HDD the first in order. Will it impact DSM? E.g. directory structure or something else? Where does DSM store its configurations? On each HDD or only on the boot one? I am a little worried about having the old HDD as the first boot one if configurations store only on one HDD. That means I have a high risk of data & configuration losing.
  4. I never performed a hot plug before. I am not sure whether my J3710-ITX and HDD supports hot-plug or not.
  5. @billat29 I am quite sure I only deleted the .xpenoboot directory. Now, I partially found the cause. As the migration installation didn't have SSH for access, I tried a vanilla 6.2.3 installation. The steps were: unplug all the 3 HDDs (2 new 8TB HHD and 1 3TB 7-year old HDD). install a new SSD install 6.2.3 with extra.lzma+extra2.lzma on SSD. After installation, plug in HDD one by one. In DSM, repair the disk and reboot each time. The first 2 HDDs (2 new 8TB) works smoothly. unplug the new SSD. But, when the third 3TB plugged, DSM can't log
  6. I burned the 1.04b image and selected "migrate" installation. It installed successfully. I SSHed into the host and deleted "/.xpenoboot" and issued "reboot". But seems my luck ended here. After reboot, I can't connect to NAS any more. Synology Assistant also couldn't find the NAS.
  7. @billat29 Thanks a lot! What a surprise! @flyride I assume I need a 1.04b loader + the extra.lzma/extra2.lzma (0.13.3) from this page to boot. Is it right?
  8. Thanks a lot! @flyride I will make a try. You are right, I am lack of preparation for this upgrade. My original installation was a DSM 5.2 and I upgraded to 6.1.7 smoothly. I never expected such a tough upgrade between minor DSM versions.
  9. My NAS is a ASRock J3710-itx with 3 HDDs and 1 Realtek 8111GR NIC. I was using DSM 6.1.7 (DS3615) with Jun's 1.02 loader happily. Last weekend, I upgraded from 6.1.7 to 6.2.3 via DSM UI. Out of luck, I lost connection to this NAS as there was no Realtek NIC driver and the loader was too old. Is there anyway to either fix the issue on 6.2.3 or downgrade to 6.1.7 without a total reinstallation? I know I can make a fresh 6.1.7 reinstallation. However, this will be quite painful as all the configurations in DSM will be lost. Thanks a lot for the help in advance.