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  1. @Olegin @Dfds Hi Both. I've managed to upgrade the NIC to Intel Chipset card. Now after upgrading to the latest DSM I can ping the hard but I'm not able to launch the Webapp from the Browser. Any idea?
  2. @Olegin Great cleared. So I will proceed to buy the suggested product with Intel Chipset. Is there any list with supported NIC'S?
  3. @Olegin let me explain you clearly. I've bought TP-LINK NIC and is working fine on DSM 6.2-23739 . The on Board NIC of HP N40L Microserver is disabled. When I upgrade to the latest I lost connection as @Dfds mention there is compatibility issues with Realtek Chipset. My question is: If I buy INTEL Chipset NIC card will be compatible with the future releases or I will have the same issues, and secondly is there any work arround or plans to make compatible the Realtek Chipset NIC cards? Thank you in advance
  4. @Dfds Attached the current DSM which working fine.
  5. @Dfds So Realtek chipset will no longer supported? If I buy HP NC360T will be supported for the upcoming releases or I will have problem on future releases? Is there any work around to allow Realtek Chipset?
  6. Hi @Olegin I bought PCIe TP-LINK TG-3468 but still can't access the machine. The Network card is blinking.
  7. Hi @Olegin Please see below: HP Proliant MicroServer N40L CPU: AMD Turion II Neo N40L NIC: On Board Thank you in advance
  8. Anyone to help me with the above?
  9. I've did clean installation for DS3617xs along with - v1.03b bootloader. After uploading DSM_DS3617xs_24922.pat and automatically restart of the server I'm loosing network access to the machine. Please advice how to solve my issue or any newest bootloader that can work with the latest DSM. Looking forward to hear from anyone here
  10. Hi Polanskiman, I've managed to install and run the DSM 6.2(.1/.2) Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3615xs but after sucessful installing the .pat file either online or standalone the system restart normally but I lose control of the Machine. Could you please help to solve my issue? Thank you in advance BR, Lefteris