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  1. would it be possible to use a HW Raid and a 2 socket CPU solution with the new bootloader?
  2. i am not an expert. Can I switch from 6.2.3 to DSM7 for a productive system or does that make no sense?
  3. I check the standard Tinycore x86 for example CorePlus-12.0.iso. With the x86 is UEFI not possible. Only with x64 Versions.
  4. i check the 4.4 Version but UEFI is not working. I check this with a laptop, server and VM. Booting is not possible. I check the orginal TinyCorePure64-12.0.iso and this is running with UEFI Bios.
  5. legacy mode is no longer available on the latest motherboards. (B460 Pro4 for example). This is my problem at the time
  6. I tested the newest image. UEFI does not work, Legacy Mode (normal BIOS) works.
  7. short question: Is there a way to build the image for a UEFI BIOS. Am I doing something wrong? With VM normal BIOS it works, but not with UEFI on the final server. My Server is a Intel Core i3 10100T there is no Option for standard Bios
  8. Do you have instructions on how to compile exactly? Can I then download updates from synology as normal?
  9. Hello, is it possible that someone uploads the new loader for DSM7. I don't have Linux on my desktops PC. Thanks Alex