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  1. I know this is a silly question, but did you check your SFP cable to make sure it is an Intel based 10Gb sfp? If so, and you are having these issues, it sounds like it could be a driver issue or a configuration issue. If I remember right, the 5 and 7 series intel cards can have issues without "intel" cables. Also Check your "SMB" file services settings and see where the minimum and maximum are configured for. I use SMB1 for the minimum and SMB3 for the max. Check your other settings under file services too. Anything not needed should be disabled. Check all your vm switches, port groups, kernels etc. Make sure everything is set to jumbo frames. MTU 9000. Verify matching drivers/firmware, updates etc as well. Check BIOS to make sure cards are registering as 10GB as well. Post some screen shots too if you can. That will help a lot of us narrow it down for you. If you haven't yet, also upgrade your vmware to the 6.7U1 from dell https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=53n67
  2. A quick google search shows that error you are seeing is a bug in lubuntu. Please try booting off a newer version or trying a different iso/software. I typically use Hirens Boot cd. It comes in handy. It is a windows 10 based image/iso. You can find the USB version here.
  3. If your USB drive is plugged into a USB3 port, try a USB2 port. If you don't have one, see if you can turn off USB 3 in your bios and try again. Also, make sure the USB is emulated as a hard drive in your bios.
  4. I am running baremetal 6.2-U2 on a Dell R620, R820 and the R730. Used the 103a loader with 3617xs. Been working on a few other dell servers to tweak his loader for. I was even able to get the PERC H710 to pass the virtual disks over. Working on getting my MD3220 SAS array to pass thru as well, using some ported loaders from the RS4017. All using the Broadcom/Qlogic 57800 chipset, except the R620, that's 10gig Intel. With the Dell servers, you will need either a SATA backplane or an LSI/Perc that is at least an H710 or newer to work. Others can't pass the disks over/through due to how they handle RAID 0 disks or they just don't allow it.
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