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Found 9 results

  1. I couldn't think of a place to put this. I screwed up, I wanted to test the 6.2beta, and installed it on the wrong server. I now can't get my semi-production server to boot Xpenology back up. Originally installed with ds3617xs on an Dell R510 LSI HBA 8i card (non RAID), install went well however on reboot the server gave "No Hard Disk found on DS3617xs." Synology Assistant says "Not Installed". Took out the USB reimaged with the appropriate Jun Loader, 1.02b. Didn't' work. Was suggested to try ds3615xs and that gave the same issue as before, but before it did that
  2. I installed DSM 5.2 in a VM in proxmox 4.4, generally runs properly, but when shutdown xpenology into web interface, xpenology shutdown properly, and if I start xpenology another time the boot process fails, appearing the next errors, first: Loading module ata_piix [Busy] And later: /usr/syno/bin/synocfgen return 0 Killed Killed lynuxrc.syno failed on 137 When this problems appears, I need restart one or two times proxmox, and later the vm with xpenology then start properly. I attached snapshots of the errors specified, and another snapshot
  3. Hi guys, I'm trying to setup a new DSM on a recycled Server I got. When I boot on the USB stick (flashed with Jun's Loader 1.03b), it freezes after the text "Screen will stop updating shortly". Booting with Hiren Boot CD on the same USB stick or a Win7 on another HDD works fine. I've updated the grub.cfg with the pid/vid/mac/SN accordingly. Can you please help? PC HP 6300 Tower CPU: Intel i5 3rd gen. Graphic: Intel HD integrated NIC: Intel 82579LM MAC: B4B52FC33BE1 SKU: QV985AV BIOS K01 V02.05 HDD: 2*2Tb SATA (set in
  4. Hi everyone, I recently got my hands on an older Shuttle PC (a very compact square little PC) with the following specs: - Core 2 Quad Q9300 - 4x 2GB DDR2 @800mhz - 2x 1TB HDD - 1x 128GB SSD - Nvidia GT 210 I would like to use this machine to run my Plex media server using XPEnology. I got 5.2 to work once but ruined it by attempting to update it to 6.2 (Plex Media Server apparently requires at least 6.0 to run). Since then I haven't been able to get any version of XPEnology to boot from a multiple different USB sticks. I've tried basicall
  5. Hi all, It is possible to get the DS412+ to boot from an external USB drive, I have done this successfully with an A-DATA C802. Normally the NAS will not boot any old USB you connect to it, regardless of whether the drive is in the front USB port or the back. It turns out the BIOS is locked to only boot a certain VID/PID (F400 for both) so even if you clone the internal USB to an external drive it will not boot. This has been a problem for me.. until now! Attached is a ChipGenius dump of the original onboard controller showing VID/PID, device vendor, de
  6. Hello, i have actually this hardware - DSM 6.1.5-15254 Update 1 JuneLoad DS3615xs - Old 8GB USB Stick - 4x WD Red 4TB - Onboard CPU J1900 or something like that - 8GB DDR3 SO-DIMM and now i want to upgrade to this - 5x WD Red 6TB - Intel Pentium G4620 - Gigabyte GA-H270N-WIFI - 8GB DDR4 UDIMM Now my question how can i increase my boot time 'till the DSM is ready? Fast USB Stick? In my DSM installation only have an SSD plugged-in for the OS? And when its finished plug-in the HDDs? Does that bri
  7. Hi, My NAS was working very well for 1 year (6.01) and recently from 3 weeks ago (last reset). I did lost connection so I forced a hard reset. When I see what happens on a Monitor I can see that the systems stops on "booting kernel..." and nothing happens more about this screen. I tried to alternate and plug or disconnect some of the 2 HDDS I have (one of them with xpenology), nothing... I thought it was corrupt boot pendrive, so I tried to make a newer one (now with 1.0b2) and nothing. I also have booted with Ubuntu live and it can see HDDs, but obviously I
  8. Hallo zusammen, Ich bin ganz neu hier und habe heute mal versucht den DSM auf meinem HomeServer zu installieren was auch geklappt hat. Jetzt frage ich mich nur ob es eine Möglichkeit gibt den Server ohne USB-Stick zu booten? Liebe Grüße hobbeLe
  9. Hello everybody, Me previously used experimental system DSM 5.2 operated on HP PC had problem with disk. Disk reported disintegration of volumes, so I decided to buy some new, bigger HDD. But... After instaling new HDD and system (DSM_DS3615xs_5644 with update 5 + USB bootloader XPEnology-Synoboot-5644.5.) the same version was on broken HDD - I have a problem with startup HP via Wake On Lan through remoute management on router or app on smartphone. Before reinstalation of system WOL was working right. I tried serch any sugestion on setting and troubleshooting about WOL and I found