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  1. andymiller6891

    Flash Card ESXI Install

    I am just about to install ESXI onto a flash card that's on the idrac on my server, my question is can I keep using the USB boot drive installed inside my server to boot up xpenology inside esxi as I have no local storage to create a datastore as my lsi card will be passed through to the xpenology vm?? has anyone been able to achieve this??
  2. andymiller6891

    10GB nic support on 1.03b

    I have a poweredge r510 with an LSI 9211-8i flashed and im currently running 6.2.1-23824 on juns loader 1.03b for 3615, runs fine updates fine. I ordered 2 connect-x2 single ports cards last night for my clients and have my eye on an intel x520-da2 for my xpenology box although I have been reading also that Mellanox cards are also working in xpenology.
  3. andymiller6891

    10GB nic support on 1.03b

    yeah I thought the intels were a safe bet, can I get away with using 1gb DAC cables while I sort a switch out as I have a few lying around??
  4. andymiller6891

    10GB nic support on 1.03b

    looking for a list of compatible 10gb fibre network cards supported in 1.03b?? thanks.
  5. andymiller6891

    Poweredge R510

    I have it working on 1.03b and fully updated without needing the extra LZMA, I don't care the onboard ports don't work as im about to purchase a 10gb nic, it would be interesting to see if the extra lzma will make the onboard ports work on 1.03 just out of curiosity. I also have the 8 bay model with an lsi 9211-81 flashed into IT mode and it all works fine.
  6. andymiller6891

    Lan config with Vswitch

    HI there. I am trying to setup virtual machine manager and am having difficulty with virtual switching. Previously I had a dual intel server adapter and was able to bond them and they were available in vswitch manager. Now I have a quad port adapter with the first 2 bonded with the came LACP setup I previously used but am unable to create a virtual switch using the bonded connection?? So my question is how can I fix this as I plan to use the other 2 ports for a pfsense wan connections??
  7. andymiller6891

    Poweredge R510

    hi. Thanks for the reply, the 8 bay R510 has 4 internal sata ports but no way of powering them. but luckily enough I have just this minute resolved the issue, with a combination of updating all the R510 firmware and modifying the grub file to add the sata controller, unsure of which of these solved it but its working and have been able to do all updates. The onboard lan ports arnt working but that's fine and expected.
  8. andymiller6891

    Poweredge R510

    that's fine I did that, but then the guides I followed said I needed to provide a small hdd volume for the xpenology boot volume, but being as I want to pass through all the disks to xpenology I have no option to do this.
  9. andymiller6891

    Poweredge R510 LSI 9211-8i

    After quite a battle ive managed to get 1.02b running with 6.1 on my poweredge R510, I have to install an intel server adapter in order to make the LAN work which isn't a major issue as I plan to pick up a 10gb nic early in the new year, but now I have the issue when I use 1.03 or update at all through the OS I reboot and once its back up im thrown back to a screen saying it cannot find any hard disks?? is this a driver issue with my 9211-8i running p20 firmware or an issue with some other driver that is no longer seeing the HBA??
  10. andymiller6891

    Poweredge R510

    Looking for help with a baremetal install on my R510. I know I can do esxi etc but I have an LSI 9211-8i passing all 8 bays through and don't have anywhere to store the required images etc to make xpenology work through esxi. I have tried juns loader 1.02b and added the 3617xs extra.lzma and it works to start with, but once I install and reboot lan connectivity disappears and I no longer have access. Wondered if someone had any advice?? Thanks.
  11. I suspected this may be the issue also so i updated the board and card bios to the latest listed version and updated the ipmi firmware. the board has the default bios config and i am booting from an 8gb usb plugged straight into the usb port on the board. the only other thing i havent tried is using a different usb but being as the disks work fine from the onboard sata ports im fairly sure the fault lies with the card drivers.
  12. I am having an issue with the current driver in which every time I shut the system down and reboot it I end up back at the Synology assistant page and have to reinstall. All my data is intact but all apps and settings are gone. I’m positive it’s the driver as I have plugged the hard drives into the main board SATA ports and all is fine. the file I attached is the latest Linux/ubuntu driver listed for my card on the supermicro site. loading the driver in on temporary basis isnt going to solve the issue cause xpenology picks the card and drives up already, its just the shutdown/reboot im having an issue with. i really don’t want to have to invest in another HBA unless I have to.
  13. Evening. Im wondering if someone could possibly add the attached file to the extra.lzma for me. Thanks. mv94xx.ko
  14. andymiller6891

    Dell Perc H310

    I have seen these going fairly cheap around the usual sources. Question is, whats its compatibility like with xpenology??? i understand it will need flashing to IT mode in order to pass through drives but i dont want to pay out on a card that wont work?? Thanks.
  15. andymiller6891

    Supermicro SAS2LP-MV8 Driver

    an update. I plugged the 2 disks I had on the supermicro card straight onto the motherboard and it works fine, shuts down and reboots without an issue. as soon as I attach the 2 disks back to the card and shut it down I end up back at the synology assistant so its definitely an issue with the hba. question is whats the easiest way to solve it.