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  1. Well, watch out for other issues. I had the 918 Build first and it did not allow HDD Spindown at all with my Asrock J3455 ITX using 1.02 at that time. Worked after switching to the 3615, now I am stuck at 6.1.xxxxx I am watching the 6.2 development, but have not found a xs3615 Build being confirmed to work with the J3455 and its onboard Realtek.
  2. Back to bootloader 1.03b and 6.1.7, liekly reinstall. Seems that the new Kernel is not addressing your Ethernetcard properly.
  3. Side Information: Did a manual Bios Update of my Asrock J3455-ITX Board to the latest TWO ones on their website and tried for fun the 1.03b loader. No Change, still not working and "as expected". Funny: There were even TWO new BIOS Versions and both were newer than the one installed. But: Internet-Flash claimed, that there was no newer Bios available...
  4. So I have to stick to 6.1 until then. Fck. And I thought, these small board are bulletproof.
  5. Asrock J3455 ITX the same. No network connection at all.
  6. Doesnt matter, really. I have the old "J3455" and 4 GB Noname DDR3. Faster than enough. I do recommend the XS3615 build, the 918 one doesnt support HDD spindown.
  7. I dont have .xpenoboot folder in the root of my NAS says "ls -al /" Thank god I did a backup of my USB Stick with tool. Took me a bit to restore (my windows 10 ******* the new USB stick with "you have to format..." up and locked it) but eventually, I got that backup back to work. So no brick, but really short of. And I have only this one "onboard" nic, so no way to change.
  8. Cant get the "" and upload new pat. Loader 1.03b (Post #1), Baremetal System J3455 with 4 GB ram, currently 6.1 on it. Started with 6.0. USB Stick is VID/PID ok (verified) and I simply cannot upgrade. Even tried another stick, no way. I get the typical bootloadermessages, thats it.
  9. Update: After now a week, this XS3615 Build works excellent. Spindown OK, everything is fine and as expected. Can recommend this for a "cheap" but still quick/capable NAS build. Maybe not for a production system (Updates, new versions always "at risk"), but for home use this is really more than good enough.
  10. Worked, just took another stick and "converted". Now lets see if that thing is spinning down and maybe even WOL can do its job. Confirm: HDDs spinning down and keeping down. Yeah! And you hear practically a sh*****, as intended ... didnt too that long, he is now spinning up again. Dunno, dont care. Hope it stays this way. So: For Asrock J3455 - use the 3615 Build. Way better than 916.
  11. How to change? New stick/PAT and thats it?! You dont wanna know how long I was searching for the setting/service, "spinning everything up".
  12. Hi, I was suprised to see that the synology "OS" was also available for bare metal. As my old Thecus N5200 was kind of "outdated", I made my own NAS using the Asrock J3455 SOC System, 4 Gb Ram and an SATA Expansion card, see Installation of the Synology using Juns 1.02b loader according to the tutorial here wasnt that difficult. System Config: 1 x SSD and 5 x 2TB HDD from my old Thecus working as RAID-5. Goodie: Build my USB Stick, 916 Image chosen, up and running incl. Extension Card. HDDs reformatted using BTRF