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  1. now, I'v bought DS918+ , but I am still interested in hacking DS918+
  2. @x01015918 the table like "0000 0700 1b4b9235 ahci" , this is syno daemon used to check special table for allowed devices and compares it with strings in /proc/bus/pci/devices. (thanks to @Vortex ) 1b4b9235 stand for vendor id and product id. in this case , it is 923588SE9235 PCIe 2.0 x2 4-port SATA 6 Gb/s Controller (this info get by visit ) so ,every syno product has specific pci vendors. syno has a table, it just check if the real pci devices in Linux system is exists in the table. if some devices not found, then, syno DSM sy
  3. I think the flow may like this: grub loader => load the orig linux kernel => initrd rd.gz extra.lzma extra.lzma replaced the original init file with it's own. (the new init file will patch syno config files in rd.gz and then run the real init program provided by busybox) seems that, the magic modprobe will run in /usr/syno/hotplug/hotplug.functions (hotplug.functions(69): MODPROBE="/sbin/modprobe -s") but I dit not find /sbin/modprobe in rd.gz so, it it like @Polanskiman @IG-88 said, the work was done in modprobe if you load modprobe i
  4. I mailed Jun, but got no response. so , I don't know if he has time to hack 918+ himself or help us hack 918+. hope Jun can do this for us.
  5. @Polanskiman @IG-88 thank U very much. This information is very helpful to me
  6. I think synoupgrade is for system upgrade. not for pure installation. after analyze the /usr/syno/bin/scemd (install.cgi) . I found the all the installation process was done in this file. also the err_patch error was generated by it: {"success": false, "data": {}, "errinfo": {"sec": "wizard","key": "err_patch","line":13}} which translated to text is: "Failed to install the file. The file is probably corrupted. (13)"
  7. thanks, I'll come to see the "magic" modprobe file. for kernel 4.4, you need to remove the O=xxx param in the build script.
  8. the modprobe is just a binary program to load needed kernel module . I do not think there's hacking tech in the file. also, I investigated jun's ds3615xs patch, the VERSION file in rd.gz shows that: majorversion="6" minorversion="1" productversion="6.1" buildphase="GM" buildnumber="15047" smallfixnumber="0" packing="repack" packing_id="1" builddate="2017/02/18" buildtime="19:43:05" unique="synology_bromolow_3615xs" extractsize=712716 so, I downloaded the original pat file: compare the
  9. Thanks @liwei 's github repo. which help me a lot .
  10. currently I bought asrock j4205 mb and in-win ms04 chassis. I found that DS918+ 's CPU is j3455 (which is close to J4205). but there's no hack loader. so I mod the loader from Jun's ds916+ loader (v1.02b). I download the dsgpl kernel code: 4.4.15 version (which is the kernel used in 6.1.4 synology dsm) use this scripts: I build the kernel with following change: cp synoconfigs/apollolake .config Define XPENOLOGY macro tty: Enable virtual console .config: Enable more SATA controllers. Enable mo