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  1. Many, many, many, many thanks @jun and @Polanskiman!!!
  2. Hi everyone, I finally found the time to install the card using a spare HD. I newly made the first configuration with the integrated card again and then added the PCI-Express card to see what was happening. To my surprise, the additional card was seen on the first shot and the OS disable the integrated card (it's no longer seen in the list of available cards). I suppose that inserting the NIC of the network card on the bootable USB stick is only for preboot and installation, after which Synology OS manages the drivers.
  3. Thanks for the support. Great idea to test with a spare HD. I just think I will set up an identical system but without data and I will try to make changes to that. As soon as I get the card I'll briefly report on my experience.
  4. Hi everyone, it's my first post, very excited about joining the community. First of all, congratulations for the huge work done. But I have a question: about 2 weeks ago i configured a brand new NAS with the jun's loader. Today I bought a 2port nic card with Intel 82575 chipset to create a LAG on my 4-lan-port sophos firewall. When I receive the card what will be the best way to find the new MAC addresses and edit the grub.cfg file? Boot Ubuntu from an usb stick and modify grub.cfg from there? Do boot from ubuntu (in case with no usb loader key and no disk) but modify grub.