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  1. Kelxin

    Recommended Hardware?

    Under $300, supports 4 disks, low power, and full Synology updates without worry: ... -_-Product HP MICROSVR GEN8 G1610T $256 + shipping: ... aQodrVQMlQ
  2. Kelxin

    USB drives shown as internal disks

    No one else with this issue?????
  3. Kelxin

    Dream build - Can XPEnology run on this?

    Just piping in to save you some cash. I have that same enclosure, and bought it from Amazon for over $100 less than newegg.... ... B00BQY3916 Yes, it has 6 SAS backplanes that needs to be attached to some kind of SAS controller that supports port replication. HBA's and RAID controllers both support that depending on the model. I'm currently using a LSI HBA > ... UTF8&psc=1 with an Intel port expander > ... UTF8&psc=1 and it's working perfect with Xpenology except for issues running more than 12 drives and plugging in a USB drive. (The USB thumbdrive shows up as an internal disk, which blocks me from saving encryption keys on it).
  4. Kelxin

    USB drives shown as internal disks

    I hate to help necro a year old thread BUT. 1. The original posters problem was never fixed. When he says the USB drives are showing up as internal drives, how is disabling USB a solution at all???? 2. I have the same issue and have tried several things to no avail. I have a 24 bay RAID setup plus 2 onboard ASRock SATA ports that are enabled. By my math that should be 26 ports. If I have 12 drives plugged in (10 on the RAID, 2 on the ASRock SATA ports), I plug in the USB drive and it comes up as the port 21 internal drive. I've plugged in 21 hard drives, and it fills slots 1-21. When I plug in a USB drive then, it comes up as drive 22, still showing as an internal hard drive. I intend to use the USB drive for the Key Manager, which doesn't allow you to save to any drive except a USB drive. With the original config, the USB drives work perfect, but all the additional hard drives beyond 12 show up as eSata: maxdisks="12" esataportcfg="0xff000" internalportcfg="0xfff" usbportcfg="0x300000" Set as 24 ports with esata enabled, the USB Drives show up as internal drives, and cannot be selected for the encryption manager: maxdisks="24" esataportcfg="0xff000000" internalportcfg="0xffffff" usbportcfg="0x300000000" Set as 26 ports with esata disabled and 6 USB ports, same problem with the USB drives: maxdisks="26" esataportcfg="0x0" internalportcfg="0x3ffffff" usbportcfg="0xfc000000" So I thought, possibly I need to set it to only 20 disks so that the 21st disk would come up as a USB Drive, but even set as only 20 internal disks, the thumb drive comes up as an internal disk 21. Anyone else run into this or have a solution? Thanks in advance. Edit: I've also tried kicking it all the way up to 32 ports, but the system just goes into a reboot and prompts to re-install Synology. Also just tried doing another edit at only 28 drives with the same thing rebooting and asking to re-install synology. Notes about the system: I'm using Xpenology with Jun's Mod 1.02-alpha, a Lsi Sas 9201-16I and an Intel Port expander. All of the drives are seen fine, it's just the USB drives that I'm having a problem with.
  5. Quick note, do not allow or manually update to DSM 6.1.1 (DSM_DS3615xs_15101) if you are using VirtualBox 5.0.38-114632-1. The addon fails to load period. Also, if doing a fresh install, make sure to get DSM_DS3615xs_15047.pat to do your install from, not DSM_DS3615xs_15101.pat. Edit: is also down right now, hopefully updating their VirtualBox to be compatible with the newest DSM. I've only started working with this a couple days ago, but it's been a fun and wild ride (I'll post more on that later).