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  1. Bare-metal ds3617xs from 6.1.2 to 6.1.3 using 1.02b loader, thx, Jun, work like a charm... no problem!!!
  2. I use this tool
  3. Yes, it fixed for baremetal... 1st boot, it ask to "recover" the disk, then reboot.. and can be accessed the GUI. thx
  4. @jun, is it 1.02b? It seem it cannot boot up for ds3617 in baremetal, always said migratable. Even, I use it for new install, it still got the same issue. Use back 1.02a2, no problem on clean installation, 6.11 or 6.12
  5. How to copy kernel modules if I am using baremetal version?
  6. Yes, I am doing in same way in baremetal... also cannot access....
  7. DS3617xs 6.1.1-15101 u4 upgrade from u2 and it is working fine for bare-metal!!
  8. Finally, I can install DSM 6.1.1 using ds3617xs on bare-metal. Here is my installation procedure: 1. Using v1.02a2 and create the boot image with correct SN and MAC1 onto a USB drive 2. Only install 2 hard disk (I have 4 disks for RAID5) 3. Use and install thru web with default value 4. Wait for installation and reboot again 5. Install 6.1.1 update2 and wait for reboot 6. Install the remain 2 disks, and it is working now... Good luck to all...
  9. Hi there, any success on ds3617xs with DSM 6.1.1?
  10. Check your VID and PID whether it is correct or not. Also use another sn and mac. Clean up the hard disk and. Install again.